Eerily Convincing Scary Videos That Will Give You the Creeps

                We can all agree that not all Youtube videos are real. But sometimes, these Youtube users can get a little more creative than usual that their videos can get pretty convincing. Some of these videos are not even verified as fake yet, but then again, the success of these videos lies in their impact and not on their legitimacy.

So in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween, here are some of the most eerily convincing videos I found on Youtube that will definitely give you the creeps:

The Headless Ghost

                This video was filmed by five incredibly adventurous young Iraqis in an abandoned school. It’s obvious that they are looking for something weird to show up. The original video is actually 5 minutes long where we can see these kids laughing around and scaring each other, three of them are filming the place and one of their cameras took the video of a headless shadow of a man walking towards them. They didn’t seem alarmed by the apparition at all which seems kind of screwy but in their video description, they noted that they didn’t see the apparition while they were filming and only saw it when they played the video back. The creepy sound that accompanied the appearance of the ghost was not edited nor was it the voice of the ghost. It was just the opening prayer of a nearby mosque. I don’t know if this is real or not but it is totally creepy and not to mention the fact that you can totally see it ooze out of the walls.  Yikes!

The Angel

CCTV videos aren’t just for catching criminals in the act; it can also catch ghosts and other entities in action as well, in this case, an alleged angel. CCTV videos all have this very “real” feel to it but with the kind of technology we have today, that blurry crappy camera effect can be easily duplicated. Anyway, this video was taken in front of a public square somewhere in Jakarta, Indonesia. Everything seems pretty normal but then a glowing winged creature sort of fell down from above and dwell on sight for about 7 seconds before bouncing away. Now this one is not that convincing since the movement of the ‘Angel’ is pretty much animated but who knows, maybe that’s what they want you think.

Demon Hands


Out of all the scary made up videos on Youtube, this one is probably one of the best. This is obviously a CGI but it’s the best one yet. It starts with a guy running around his house, obviously away from something. Then he locked himself inside his bedroom and the real horror starts. Hands start coming out of the ceiling and from the walls. The creepiest part of this video is the tiny baby hands under the door trying to get in and the eye that blinked at him. Yikes! The ending is pretty scary and you know, very fake but you’ve got to admit that whoever made this video is amazing at CGI. I mean just look at the way the lights reflect on the CGI as if the creatures were really there. Hmm…what if they were really there? Better stay away from your ceiling and walls tonight, huh?