5 Ways the Media Has Manipulated You                

                                Manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics.  You can deny this as long as you want but we are all victims of manipulation every day since we got exposed to media. What media am I talking about? Everything from television programs, magazine, radio shows, the internet and all other methods of spreading information. It’s kind of like being hypnotized to do certain things or believe in something and we don’t even know we’re doing it. If you still think only you command your own mind, here are the 5 Ways Media Has Manipulated You:

1. Convincing you to Consume More Than You Should

                We all know the awesome power of the advertisements. And even though we hate seeing these 30 second clips while we are watching our favorite show, there’s nothing we can do but wait for them to be over so we won’t miss a thing from what we’re really trying to watch. In turn, we are forced to see these commercials that do nothing but sell us something we don’t need by making it seem like we do. They use flowery words, attractive people, sets and famous actors to convince you that your life will be complete if you just buy their products or give you the illusion that you CAN also have it all, just like your favorite celebrity can. And seeing all of those every day will definitely have an impact on your perception of things.

2. Reporting Half Truths

                When it comes to news reports, people are always so trusting especially if it comes from a reputable television network. What most people don’t know is that everything we see or hear on the news are all super filtered that almost only ½ of the actual story remains, sometimes it’s zero when the network is trying to protect a personality or a political figure. Most of the time, these networks often create expose programs to make it seem like they’re trying to uncover an actual truth. But in the end, they only manage to pose in more questions than answers.

3.  Making Sure You Remain Stupid

                The people who controls the media, controls the nation. That’s why they keep making mediocre shows for the masses’ mediocre minds and make it appear as if it’s the best thing on prime time TV even though the concept has been used over and over again in the past 10 years. Most of us don’t seem to mind the mindless television shows as long as they see others clapping for it, winning prizes and getting to hug celebrities that don’t really care about your poverty. They took out all the educational shows for kids and replaced it with Korean series’. That way, kids would be more educated about the history of other countries rather than their own because once they start caring about their country, they will start questioning the government. That’s why they want to keep you ignorant for as long as they want to rule.

4. Changing Stories and Rewriting History

                If you only get your information from the television, internet and newspapers, you are screwed. Why? Because there are loads of wrong information injected into your system every single day! Television shows have been tampering with actual historical events in favor of political figures and propagandas they support for years. They have lulled you into thinking that those who oppose the government are disturbing the peace. Let me tell you now that there is no peace. The peace you’re experiencing right now is brought to you by your compliance to the system. It’s all staged and they’re hiding the chaos so you’d submit willingly without resistance and accept whatever lie they feed you and accept it as truth; a lie that will be passed down to your children to the next until the truth is no more.

5. Distract you from what’s Important

                The most important tactic the media uses to manipulate us all is through distractions. Especially now that our attention spans are shortening as technology advances, it’s easier for them to keep us from questioning authority. There are a lot of awful happenings around the world that require our attention but most of us would rather update their Instagram with the latest picture of their lunch rather than spread the word. Most of us would rather browse through their Facebook newsfeed than give a crap about the corruption in the government. We aren’t even mad enough to do anything instead we take our anger to social media and we just let it fester there. The people who controls the media knows this and they’re going to keep coming up with distractions so we won’t ever oppose them. They think we are stupid and easily manipulated and we are proving them right.




            Elections in the Philippines have been tagged as ‘colorful’ by other countries because we have a lot of characters to choose from all the time. Not to mention, a lot of gimmicks too. Unlike in the USA where there are only two parties, in our country, there happens to be a lot which makes it difficult to choose the best one out of the bunch. It gets even more difficult when political advertisements and scandals start to appear as the Election Day approaches. The best way to counter that is by being informed and conducting your own research. While it’s probably too early to pick a candidate now since the filing for candidacy hasn’t even started yet, it’s best to be well-informed so you can make a sound decision on 2016.

So to give you a bit of information, here are the aspiring candidates for Presidency:


Jejomar Binay : From Vice to President

                                VP Jejomar Binay topped the Pulse Asia Survey where 1,200 citizens were asked who they will vote for President in 2016. However, that doesn’t mean a sure win because a lot can still happen within the next two years. What makes Binay a strong contender is of course, the fact that he has extensive experience in office. He has been after all, the mayor of Makati City for more than ten years. This is a man who handled the powerhouse city of business and commerce for years and is still being handled by a Binay in the form of his wife, Elenita. Being experienced and knowing how to closely work with the masses are Binay’s strongest suits however, what he doesn’t have is a wider media exposure, which is like a prerequisite in having more followers. He’s also not very popular, credibility-wise. His reputation for being the next Marcos might also cause his downfall as well.

Grace Poe



Grace Poe: The Next Female President?

                Senator Grace Poe was the lead during the 2010 elections and she’s doing a good job for a freshman senator for championing the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill. Poe is getting a lot of praise from it, especially from many netizens. When Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago expressed the need for the next woman president; everyone pointed at Poe who immediately said that she is not ready to become one. The reason is that she fears history might repeat itself, regarding the presidential campaign of her late father, Fernando Poe Jr. “Binabalik ko ang masamang puntong, masamang karanasan na, pinagdaanan ng tatay ko. Parang lahat ng tao sa paligid mo, sasabihin ‘Ikaw na lang.’ ’Pagsumubok ka na, paglingon mo, ilan nalang mga kasama mo sa likod. May takot talaga. ’Di ko ina-ambisyon. Sa akin, bonus na nga nakaupo ako dito,” Poe told reporters at the Senate last March 11. However, there’s a lot time left till the election period so who knows, she might lose that fear and run for the highest office in the land.


Mar Roxas: Will Mr. Palengke become Mr. President?

We all know that Mar Roxas was supposed to run for presidency last election but he gave way to Pnoy, became his running mate for vice-president and lost to Binay. But since Roxas got appointed DILG Secretary by his Excellency, we’ve seen a lot of him on TV, on newspapers, everywhere. He works closer to the President than the VP ever did so I guess we can see who’s going to back him up on 2016. However, Mar Roxas hasn’t really spoken about running for presidency since he is ‘busy’ with work. But LP’s acting president Joseph Emilio Abaya said that the party is in ‘unison’ when it comes to their choice as their flag bearer and their choice is Mar Roxas. No one can deny that Roxas is always on the job when it comes to his work, however, being visible doesn’t always equal being effective. His mishaps during typhoon Yolanda relief is still being talked about. His reported outburst and hissy fits in public do not help boost his reputation either.



Bongbong Marcos: Will the Son be like the Father?

One of the most talked about among the contenders for presidency is Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. of the Nacionalista Party. Despite his name being tied to the Pork Barrel Scam, he is still a favorable choice based on online surveys such as www.rankopedia.com where he’s currently number one and www.theranking.com where he placed second. Although Marcos did say he has plans for 2016, it is still not clear whether he will run for President or Vice President. One thing is for sure though; his experience as the Governor ofIlocos Norte for years, his impressive resume and his name might just be his ticket for presidency. However, because of the wounds that the Marcos regime left and the bad name the media gave to them, his surname might also lose him the trust of the voters. Who knows? If the senator proves himself worthy in the next two years, our next president might just be another Marcos.

These four are the top bets for presidency in 2016 according to polls and surveys. The other “presidentiables” include Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago, Alan Peter Cayetano, ChizEscudero and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

The Swindler’s List: Napoles Beginnings


                Ever since the Pork Barrel Scam exploded, the name Janet Lim Napoles has always been associated with thievery, deceit and fraud. It’s Ma’am Janet against the People of the Philippines. We see her as the mastermind of a multi-billion con. However,in her latest affidavit, she stated that she is the victim in this whole ordeal and that the real perpetrators are the politicians she has made business with. The initial reaction of Filipinos is probably within the context of “Ang kapal ng mukha mo!” (You’re shameless!). Who wouldn’t react that way after learning that she kept the people’s money in her bathtub, hosted lavish parties and enjoyed a super luxurious life while the most of us can’t even afford to eat three times a day? But that’s not the worst thing you’ll read from her affidavit. There are far worse claims that will make the creases on your forehead permanent.

                                According to her affidavit obtained by the Senate blue ribbon committee on May 26, she stated that she is also a victim of a system that she thought to be just. “Ako ay naging biktima ng isang maling sistema sa ating lipunan na akala ko noon ay tama at naaayon sa batas, dahil ito ay naging kalakaran na sa mahabang panahon,” She also said that the most guilty are the lawmakers who transacted with her through all those years and because they were government officials, she thought that those kind of deals are normal and allowed. It also hurts her to be called the mastermind and the Queen of the Pork Barrel Scam.That statement reeks of another attempt to gain sympathy which she will never get from the masses. The more she tries to wash her hands free of sins, the more it makes us angry.

                But before we all get heart attacks, let’s explore how the Queen of the Pork Barrel Scam came to be and how she climbed her way to the top of the criminal food chain:

“Bata pa lamang ako ay natuto na ‘kong maghanap-buhay. Sa biyaya ng Diyos, sa aking tiyaga, sipag at pawis, at sa tulong ng mga taong nakilala ko, ito ay aking napalago hanggang sa aking narating ngayon,”Napoles said in her signed extended affidavit obtained by The Blue Ribbon committee last May 26.

                Napoles didn’t finish high school but she did not let it hinder her chances of achieving great things when it comes to business. (Insert a very dramatic inspirational song here) She also said that her late mother, Magdalena Lim served as her inspiration and fueled her drive to work hard and help others. Her remains lay at The Heritage Park, in a mausoleum reported to be worth PhP 30 Million. Wherever Mrs. Magdalena Lim is right now, I’m sure she’s looking down on her daughter and shaking her head in disappointment.

                Entering small business ventures is where Napoles started. She specialized in Sales before she bought her first company. Philippines of Nutrigrowth, a manufacturer of liquid foliar fertilizers is one of her first business ventures followed by Dragon 1.5 Mega Philippines years later after the first one collapsed.

                As Napoles looked for ways to expand her fertilizer business, she was introduced to Batanes Rep. Florencio “Butch” Abad, now Budget secretary, circa 2000 and the rest is history. Abad offered her Php 10 Million for a livelihood budget and asked her if she has an NGO (Non-Government Organization), when she said no, Abad allegedly told her that he will take care of it. Thus, the project got implemented under the name Batanes Electric Cooperative based in Basco town. “That is when I started to transact using the PDAF,” Napoles said, referring to lawmakers’ Priority Development Assistance Fund allocation.

                Though questioning why the government implementing agencies do not grant projects to companies, but only to foundations, she continued doing business with NGOs that are controlled by officials who are offering them for “rent”. She feared that the NGOs for rent would be deemed fake so she associated herself with legitimate NGOs. She did not say whether she established a fake NGO herself even though she is allegedly the founder of over 70 fake NGOs involved in the PDAF scam.

                The money came pouring in when representatives of lawmakers began offering her deals in exchange for a guaranteed amount of commission. These representatives include the state witnesses Ruby Tuason and former Agrarian Reform Assistant Secretary Catherine May Santos, who Napoles said would demand 15 % for themselves and 40% in kickbacks from the requesting lawmakers.

                In her previous affidavits, Napoles claimed that she does not have the capacity to run this multi-billion scam without some help because she is “just a simple business woman” with a humble background. She also said that she does not have the power to command the release of any documents from the Department of Budget and Management. After the release of the infamous ‘Napolist’ (or as I like to call it,‘The Swindler’s List’), where over 100 congressmen and senators are listed, she fears that they might harm her family for speaking the truth.

                “Hindi po ako ang ‘mastermind’ ng pork barrel [scam], sapagkat hindi ako ang nagpasimula nito at matagal na ang ganitong kalakaran o sistema,”Napoles boldly stated in her extended affidavit.

                As of now, we still don’t know who’s telling the truth because even the Palace says that Napoles’ statements are not reliable. But since she’s the closest thing we got to finding out the truth, we must take her statements seriously and look into every detail of it. Now that we know how it all began, we might get close to knowing how it ends. Hopefully, with all the perpetrators in jail and our money recovered.

#YESALLWOMEN: Misogyny and Murder


                The violent mass killing that happened in Isla Vista, California USA is disturbing enough but the reason behind it is even more terrifying. Six people were murdered and thirteen others were injured when Elliot Rodgers, 22, a student of the University of California Santa Barbara went on a shooting spree. In his manifesto and the equally disturbing video he posted on Youtube the night before the shooting happened, Rodgers ranted for nearly seven minutes against women who he said rejected him and popular kids who ignored him. Rodger stabbed his roommates, ran over some bicyclist and skateboarders on the street, shot at an innocent customer at a deli store and shot three college girls outside their sorority house just because he couldn’t get a girlfriend. Two of them are dead.

“You girls have never been attracted to me. I don’t know why you girls aren’t attracted to me, but I will punish you all for it. It’s an injustice, a crime, because … I don’t know what you don’t see in me. I’m the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman.” – Rodgers said in the last video he posted on Youtube. His manifesto obtained by CNN is just as terrifying. It also contains reasons why he hates all women and that he respects any man who can get a girlfriend so easily like his father.

Apparently, Rodgers saw women as objects that he is entitled to have. For him, a woman does not have the right to say ‘no’ to men. They exist to be his girlfriend. Women are just companions, lovers and friends who have to do whatever the supreme gentleman says. This is misogyny in its purest form and what’s worse is there are actually some people (mostly men) who are supporting Rodgers saying that “this is what women get when they friendzone nice guys” and that “they deserve it”.

This gave birth to the trending #YesAllWomen to raise awareness that this mass shooting isn’t the only incident of misogynistic murder around the world and ALL WOMEN have experienced being harassed at some point in her lifetime. In fact, according to the statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the USA, there are more women who got killed by men; their husbands or their boyfriends than there are soldiers who got killed in the war in Iraq (Figures from 2011-2012 only) .


To provide even more proof that this is happening around the world, a tumblr website called WhereWomen Refuse.tumblr.com collects all the stories of abused women around the world. And it’s shocking to know that there are a lot of cases involving women getting murdered for saying ‘no’ to a guy at a party, women who get beaten up by complete strangers simply because they did not flirt back and women getting killed by their own husbands or boyfriends for refusing sex. It’s horrible, it’s happening, it’s real and very few people are doing something about it.

And yet people still ask why we need feminism?

This issue here isn’t about the male agenda or guns; this is about women continually fighting for their right to be safe. This is about women having to carry pepper sprays in their purses everyday in case they get attacked.This is about women who have texted each other if they got home safe. This is about women who are afraid to wear short shorts or sleeveless blouses so men won’t say that ‘they’re asking for it. This is about women portrayed by the media as damsels in distress, as prizes and as objects of sexual gratification. This is about teaching your girls not to get raped instead of teaching your boys not to rape. This is about a war against women that has been going on for ages and still, there is not enough being done about it.

May this shooting spree open all of our eyes to what’s really happening around us. Let’s not turn a blind eye to those who are oppressed by this patriarchal society that shaped our morals and beliefs. As long as you are thinking that some people are superior to others because of their gender, race or ability, then you are thinking just like the killer and you are part of what is wrong in this world. The fight for equality should be everyone’s battle.