Rumor Has It: Debunking 2 Famous Pinoy Rumors

Rumors, rumors and more rumors.  If there’s anything most Filipinos like to do more than anything is to listen to rumors and sometimes, spreading them. For a country that deems Showbiz news as important, most of us sort of feel inclined to mind other people’s business that sometimes, it sparks ridiculous rumors that many believe.

So now, let me shed some light on these two rumors that made noise in the country; what started them and if they’re actually true or not.

The Death of Julie Vega

Rumor Has It: Debunking 2 Famous Pinoy Rumors

  • Julie Vega was one of those child actresses who rose to fame because of her acting talents and a very angelic face. At the age of 16, she was already a very accomplished child actress winning 2 FAMAS awards during her brief showbiz career. Her sudden death brought shock to a lot of Filipinos and eventually, sparked an urban legend.

At that time, her cause of death was unknown and it led people to believe that it was caused by the last movie she starred in. It was a horror movie where she plays the daughter of a mortal and a demon where she keeps getting possessed by elementals. Rumor has it that she got cursed by an engkantadaor a fairy.

Rumor Has It: Debunking 2 Famous Pinoy Rumors

But here’s what really happened: Just after her high school graduation in 1985, Julie Vega complained of body pains, extreme weakness and numbness of the lower part of her body. She was brought to a private hospital to get treatment and was diagnosed with a form of demyelinating disease, which was highly suspected to be either or multiple sclerosis.  Her parents transferred her to a much cheaper hospital since they couldn’t afford the bills anymore. While she was confined, she acquired bronchopneumonia that made her condition even worse. They transferred her again to another hospital where she died of cardiac arrest on May 6, 1985, just 15 days short of her 17th birthday.

Spolarium and the Rape of Pepsi Paloma

  • Rumor has it that the Eraserheads hit song ‘Spolarium’ is about Joey De Leon and Vic Sotto, along with Richie D’Horsie and the rape of the the sexy star and under aged,Pepsi Paloma. It was because of their names “Enteng and Joey” being mentioned in the song lyrics:

“Umiyak ang umaga

Anong sinulat ni Enteng at Joey diyan

Sa pintong salamin

Di ko na mabasa

Pagkat merong nagbura”

Here’s what really happened: This case happened in 1982. Pepsi Paloma accused Joey, Vic and Richie of gang rape. This made headlines and was the talk of the town that time. The case was settled out of court after the trio did a public apology to Paloma and both parties signed an agreement. But according to Paloma, Tito Sotto coerced her to sign the affidavit of desistance to trash the case since rape was punishable by death at that time. Pepsi Paloma then committed suicide and was found hanging by her neck in 1985 apparently because of the trauma and injustice she experienced.

Rumor Has It: Debunking 2 Famous Pinoy Rumors

When the band was asked about the meaning of Spoliarium, they denied it being connected to the rape case at all. The origin of the song is in fact very far from it. The song was actually telling about the time Ely Buendia (Eraserheads lead singer) had a drinking spree with his friends. He was about to go home when a friend called him from his condo window in San Juan and asked him to go drinking. He stayed there till three in the morning. The gintongalakreferred to a liquor called Goldshlagger. Enteng and Joey are the names of Ehead’sfriends at that time who wrote Ely’s real name on a mirror but he can’t seem to read it because someone slightly erased it.


How to Catch a Liar


           The truth is, everybody lies. Whether it’s a white harmless lie or big ones to save yourself from trouble, lying is a part of being human. However, there are a lot of people out there who think they can get away with it all the time. They don’t seem to realize that the truth always prevails in the end and not all people can be fooled with acting and flowery words.

If you want to be liar-proof yourself, then watch out for these signs of being a liar so you can catch one: 

1. Inconsistency

 How to Catch a Liar

Liars weave a lot of stories so more often than not; there will be a lot of inconsistencies in what they’re trying to tell you. The key is to listen very carefully to every detail of what they tell you and then call them out when it changes. Look for loopholes and things that are very unlikely to happen to anyone. Also, look out for excuses. The more they tell you, the more they don’t want you finding out the truth.

2. Body Language

How to Catch a Liar
Pay close attention to someone who you suspect is lying to you, especially their body language. If that person is lying, they might play with their hair or bite their nails while talking to you because they can feel the anxiety. The most obvious is when they put something between you and them while talking. It could be a plate of food, a bag or simply their arms crossing in front of them tells a lot, it means that they are trying to distance themselves from you subconsciously. Many people can fake the tone of voice and even eye contact but body language is pretty much hard to fake. Other body language to look out for include: rapid blinking, dilated pupils, pitch changes, shrugging shoulders, fidgeting, and crossed arms.

3. Watch out for the Killer Smile

How to Catch a Liar
A person’s smile can tell a lot about themselves. A genuine smile is very hard to fake that sometimes even the best actors can’t do it in one take. It takes the entire facial muscle to smile and the eyes must smile as well. If the smile doesn’t seem genuine enough to you, they might be hiding something.

4. Ask Unexpected Questions

How to Catch a Liar
Liars usually rehearse their lies before they tell it, especially to a parent or a significant other. So, to catch them off guard, you must think of a question they don’t have the answer to. Like for example, if the liar tells you that the reason they were late was because of some emergency, ask them the normal questions like what happened, who was involved, etc. Make them feel at ease and make them think that they have the conversation under control. Once you think they filled out all the details, ask something very personal or very detailed that they can only answer if all the things they said were actually true. Also, you might want to try suddenly changing the topic. If the person is lying, they will go along with it but if they’re innocent they will question the sudden topic change and might want to go back to it so they can defend themselves.

5. Pay Attention to Verbal Cues

How to Catch a Liar
Relying on body language only may be a hit or miss so to be sure, you better learn to observe how they answer questions rather than paying attention to the actual answer. For example, if you think that your partner is having an affair, simply ask them out of the blue: “Are you having an affair?” If they answer with a simple “No, I’m not” there’s a big chance that it’s true. However, if they get angry and defensive and answer you with another question like “How could you ask me that?” instead of just answering the question, then there’s a bigger chance of them lying to you, probably for a very long time.