Shocking Facts about the Philippine Martial Law

It’s been 43 years since former President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law. We’ve learned some stuff about it during our history class at school but my further readings told me that there are many things we didn’t know about it and weren’t taught to us in class. Here are some of the most shocking facts about the Philippine Martial Law:

  • Former President Ferdinand Marcos was not the only president to declare martial law. In fact, it was Emilio Aguinaldo who first declared Martial Law making him not only the first president of the republic but also the country’s first dictator.
  • Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo also declared a Martial Law in Mindanao to investigate the Amputan Clan’s alleged private armies and weaponry.
  • Curfew was strictly imposed during the martial law and anyone who is caught walking the streets between 11pm-4am gets arrested and detained by the Metrocom or metropolitan.

Shocking Facts about the Philippine Martial Law

  • Little kids didn’t get to enjoy watching anime (Japanese animation) like Voltes V, Daimos or Mazinger Z. The government’s reason for banning these shows is that they’re too violent for little children to watch. Other says that it’s because the animes’ stories are about fighting an oppressive villain that’s why the Marcos regime didn’t want kids to watch it.
  • Theater became a potent vehicle for political expression. PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) used their shows to express their sympathies against the government. They also taught local communities about theater.

Shocking Facts about the Philippine Martial Law

  • Senator Jose Diokno was known to be one of Marcos’ formidable foes alongside Senator Ninoy Aquino. After the successful overthrow of the Marcos regime, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Presidential Commission on Human Rights. However, during Cory’s regime and the infamous Mendiola massacre where the military opened fire and killed 15 farmers, he resigned from his position, disappointed that even after the dictator is gone, not much has changed.
  • During Martial Law, Meralco was under the control of the government that’s why the electric bill during that time was incredibly lower than what’s written on our bills today. After the Cory regime got rid of the Marcoses, she gave back the company to the Lopez’ and completely out of the government’s hands.
  • Public schools were normally supplied with NutriBun. a high-vitamin bun which was supposedly a complete, all-in-one meal. It only costs five centavos.
  • Although his wife Imelda was credited for building some of the country’s finest monuments, she was criticized for personal extravagance. She was called the iron butterfly of Asia because of her ability to make connections with other powerful people fast. She’s also as strong willed as her late husband.

Shocking Facts about the Philippine Martial Law

  • Imelda Marcos came up with the Green Revolution program which required students to bring and plant seeds and take care of the environment. Aside from this, they are also required to attend news programs.
  • After the 1986 people power, not much has changed and the Philippines still remained one of the poorest countries in Asia as opposed to our former title, The Tiger of Asia during Marcos’ regime.

Shocking Facts about the Philippine Martial Law

We all have different views about the Martial but one thing is for sure, it did change the entire nation and affected the generation that came after it.


5 Ways the Media Has Manipulated You                

                                Manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics.  You can deny this as long as you want but we are all victims of manipulation every day since we got exposed to media. What media am I talking about? Everything from television programs, magazine, radio shows, the internet and all other methods of spreading information. It’s kind of like being hypnotized to do certain things or believe in something and we don’t even know we’re doing it. If you still think only you command your own mind, here are the 5 Ways Media Has Manipulated You:

1. Convincing you to Consume More Than You Should

                We all know the awesome power of the advertisements. And even though we hate seeing these 30 second clips while we are watching our favorite show, there’s nothing we can do but wait for them to be over so we won’t miss a thing from what we’re really trying to watch. In turn, we are forced to see these commercials that do nothing but sell us something we don’t need by making it seem like we do. They use flowery words, attractive people, sets and famous actors to convince you that your life will be complete if you just buy their products or give you the illusion that you CAN also have it all, just like your favorite celebrity can. And seeing all of those every day will definitely have an impact on your perception of things.

2. Reporting Half Truths

                When it comes to news reports, people are always so trusting especially if it comes from a reputable television network. What most people don’t know is that everything we see or hear on the news are all super filtered that almost only ½ of the actual story remains, sometimes it’s zero when the network is trying to protect a personality or a political figure. Most of the time, these networks often create expose programs to make it seem like they’re trying to uncover an actual truth. But in the end, they only manage to pose in more questions than answers.

3.  Making Sure You Remain Stupid

                The people who controls the media, controls the nation. That’s why they keep making mediocre shows for the masses’ mediocre minds and make it appear as if it’s the best thing on prime time TV even though the concept has been used over and over again in the past 10 years. Most of us don’t seem to mind the mindless television shows as long as they see others clapping for it, winning prizes and getting to hug celebrities that don’t really care about your poverty. They took out all the educational shows for kids and replaced it with Korean series’. That way, kids would be more educated about the history of other countries rather than their own because once they start caring about their country, they will start questioning the government. That’s why they want to keep you ignorant for as long as they want to rule.

4. Changing Stories and Rewriting History

                If you only get your information from the television, internet and newspapers, you are screwed. Why? Because there are loads of wrong information injected into your system every single day! Television shows have been tampering with actual historical events in favor of political figures and propagandas they support for years. They have lulled you into thinking that those who oppose the government are disturbing the peace. Let me tell you now that there is no peace. The peace you’re experiencing right now is brought to you by your compliance to the system. It’s all staged and they’re hiding the chaos so you’d submit willingly without resistance and accept whatever lie they feed you and accept it as truth; a lie that will be passed down to your children to the next until the truth is no more.

5. Distract you from what’s Important

                The most important tactic the media uses to manipulate us all is through distractions. Especially now that our attention spans are shortening as technology advances, it’s easier for them to keep us from questioning authority. There are a lot of awful happenings around the world that require our attention but most of us would rather update their Instagram with the latest picture of their lunch rather than spread the word. Most of us would rather browse through their Facebook newsfeed than give a crap about the corruption in the government. We aren’t even mad enough to do anything instead we take our anger to social media and we just let it fester there. The people who controls the media knows this and they’re going to keep coming up with distractions so we won’t ever oppose them. They think we are stupid and easily manipulated and we are proving them right.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                Feminism is a word mostly associated with hating men and not some form of idea that all genders should have equal rights. Many people think of feminism as something that will empower women so hard that we will all rise to power and make men our slaves. While some think of feminists as bra-burning witches who encourage women to leave their husbands and form an alliance against all men. The fact that most people believe all those ridiculous things about feminism just proves that very few people really understand what it means and why groups of men and women around the world are fighting for it.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                 Here’s what everyone needs to know: Feminism is not Anti-Male. Feminism does not equal misandry. There’s a huge difference between feminists and misandrists and it only gets confusing because some women who declare themselves as feminists are very vulgar when it comes to expressing their hatred for men. Generalizing the entire male population as rapists and animals is not feminism at all. Just because the word female is in Feminism does not mean the idea only applies to women. Feminism also upholds the rights of men in the society, especially when it comes to gender stereotyping. This idea promotes and supports men in their rights to appear vulnerable and be actual human beings in a society that boxes them into images of machismo. A portion does not equal the whole even if that portion is annoyingly loud.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                The goal of feminism is to create a society where all genders are free to be themselves, to succeed and be happy without their genders being an issue. Where every employee gets the same salary for the same type of work regardless of what gender they identify as, where men can be whoever they want to be without being called ‘gay’ for liking something effeminate and women will not be called ‘sluts’ for showing skin and where the word ‘gay’ is not to be used as an insult and every one respects each other’s choices and beliefs.

                It’s an ideal albeit ambitious society and so far, it’s kind of hard to achieve since there are even women who don’t like feminism and agree with the way the system has been built on the foundations of patriarchy. Clearly, they don’t realize how much of our potentials are being wasted because of gender inequality.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                Feminism also makes everyone aware about the hardships that most women go through in every part of the world. Because of feminism, issues like reproductive health, birth control, everyone’s access to education, women’s rights to vote, etc. are given their much deserved attention. Again, just because it directly affects women does not mean it doesn’t affect the entire nation as a whole. After all, females are also part of this equation we call society. We cannot function without the other and vice versa so we might as well take care of each other.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                The reason why Feminism gets a lot of bad rap is because most people do not even look deep into it. They only see it as a way for women to get what they want and God forbid, they shouldn’t give women what they want because…what’s going to happen again? Nothing! These people just don’t want change because they are unable to see the future. They are unable to realize that we all need is each other to function and to undermine the other is just unnatural and will cause an imbalance. It’s time to start thinking of our existence as one and realize that we all need each other to live. That’s not an opinion. It’s just the truth so open your eyes. Feminism is not anti-male but it is anti everything that steps on the rights of all human beings. Deal with it.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows


                American television is so filled with reality shows that sometimes it’s seems that it’s all they watch all day. As expected, Philippine television is pretty much on its way there with all the local versions of these reality shows, which they had ‘Filipinonized’ to fit the taste of the masses. Since the 1980s, local networks have been producing and adapting reality shows but it only boomed during the late 90s. Now, it’s all everyone can talk about especially in social media.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

                Gone are the usual talent shows where contestants just come and go when they lose. No, today, it has to have drama and action. They have to film their back stories no matter how lame and turn it into heartwarming ones and sometimes, they come back for a plot twist! But that’s not the thing that got so many people hooked on reality shows. It’s not even the sympathy card that always work with the Filipino masses. According to some experts, it could just be Schadenfreude, a German word used to describe people’s delight and entertainment at the failings and problems of others.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

                Admit it or not, we feel happy that it’s not us being voted out, eating something disgusting in front of millions of viewers or being judged in social networking sites. It’s actually just human nature and we all do it. However, reality shows amplifies it by making humiliation entertaining. The worst part is the contestants are all for it in order to get a break in showbiz. We feel better listening in, criticizing and talking about other people’s lives, whether or not they’re on TV. It says a lot about the kind of society we have and will have in the future.

                Also, how real is reality TV? Remember how the Pinoy Big Brother auditions trended online for being rigged? As if that show is not idiotic enough, some people actually believe that these contestants go through some sort of fair auditions when it’s obvious that they are pre-selected. They arepre-selected to get judged based on their reactions on different situations made by the production team in order to make money off advertisements and whatnot.  It’s like the Hunger Games minus the killing and dying but with all the emotional manipulation included. And the fact that the majority actually like that gives me Goosebumps. Yes, they hire real people instead of actors but everything else in the show is pretty much scripted, otherwise none of the footages they capture would be appropriate for all to see.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

                Reality shows basically just serve our needs to feel like we’re better than other people. It gives the illusion that we’re somehow doing a good job with our own lives and we validate that by watching people who can’t keep it together. It twists our own perception of reality and it may make us more aggressive since they contain more aggression than actual scripted shows and that kind of aggression is what sells it the most! It’s not just nudity that sets the sales booming, controversy and humiliation can do that too nowadays. If you don’t believe me, watch an episode of TV 5’s Face to Face, the country’s version of Jerry Springer. You’d see a lot of profanity and you’d get the most ridiculous stories even a moron would recognize as fake. Still, people watch that for “real time drama”.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

                The media is already distracting us from what is important, we all at least should know better than watching shows that  won’t benefit us in any way. Do the world a favor, drop the remote and read a book instead.

How to be a Better Filipino


“You must be the change you want to see in the world”

                                                               – Mahatma Gandhi

                It’s so hard not to blame the government with all the difficulties our country is experiencing right now. Issues like the pork barrel scam, poverty, and China bullying us, the urge to yell profanity at the President is hard to resist. However, we fail to realize that running this country towards a better future is not just the job of the government. We are also responsible in making this country a better place to live in. And I believe that we can if we only allow the change to start within ourselves. You want a better Philippines? Then become a better Filipino!

But how does one become a better Filipino? As hard as that might sound, it’s actually pretty easy once we learn to admit our faults. All we have to do then is get rid of all our bad habits and follow these tips:


  • Teach yourself and everyone you know about the art of Discipline


                “Kaya di maunlad ang Pilipinas kasi walang disiplina ang mga Pilipino.” My grandfather used to say as he drank up his 5th bottle of beer. Discipline here in this country is very hard to see because most of us do not know what it means to be a disciplined person. It’s not just about following orders or not littering or behaving. Discipline is standing up against the wrong, the bad and the destructive. Discipline is knowing when something is appropriate or not. Discipline is knowing your place in the society and doing whatever you can to contribute to its progress.




                 What is the main cause of road accidents and road-related violence? It’s not what, it’s who. Car accidents happen because most drivers cannot follow simple rules or better yet, they don’t even know the first thing about road safety. What is so difficult about staying in your lane, no u-turn, one way only etc.? They’re not written in Chinese or Japanese, right? Plus, as a driver you should know your responsibilities when you’re behind the wheel because every time you drive, there are always lives at stake. If you cannot recognize the amount of responsibility you have, you should not drive. As for those who love to jaywalk and are too damn lazy to use the overpass, you’re gambling with your life every time you play hit or miss with fast vehicles. Avoiding the overpass just to make time is not worth dying for.


  • Complaining does not solve anything

              Every time I see statuses on Facebook condemning corrupt politicians,it makes me wonder if they truly care or at least know about the issue they’re complaining about. Too many people just join in on what’s trending and are just content with complaining online. If you’re going to complain, make sure that you’re doing something about it. Make sure you are worthy of your opinion. After all the government does not read your Facebook posts nor they care about your political statuses. What the country needs are people who, instead of complaining, are out there doing something to help instead of endlessly criticizing people that won’t even listen.


  • Be Positive About Your Country


           Our country had been down on the dumps way too many times and everyone knows it. We’re a third world country and most of the population is poor. Our government is stealing from us and bigger countries are bullying us. It’s hard to be proud and say that you’re happy to be a Filipino but do you really have to be so negative about it? Do you really have to wish the USA would just adopt us? Do you really believe that there’s no hope for us? Do you really have to kick your own country down just because you can’t take it anymore? That’s a typical Filipino attitude. Always ready to take the easiest way out. The truth is, we’re the only ones who can get ourselves out of poverty. Not the USA, not the government or the President, it’s just us. Imagine if every Filipino right now, rich or poor, suddenly realize that the only way to improve the economy is to improve ourselves first, things would change so fast! It is the lack of patriotism and optimism that’s keeping us poor.


                This country is not perfect and so are we but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to make our lives better. Our poverty and problems should push us to be better and not drown us in shame. We must be the change that we want to see in the Philippines and that change should start within us.

A Jeepney on a Perpetual Traffic Jam


                The other day I got stuck in one of the most unbearable traffic jams in my years of being a commuter. I was inside this jeepney with six other people and we were all sweating like pigs because of the heat. Our jeepney barely moved at all. We’ve been on the same spot for 15 whole minutes and as a person who has a lot of experiences when it comes to heavy traffic jams, I kept my calm and tried not to worry so much. The heat was over 40 degrees and it was making all of us impatient. Another 15 minutes have passed when one passenger decided to just get off and walk. The driver then suggested the same thing to us since we were somewhere “near” the terminal anyway, according to him. I didn’t know the place that well enough to walk but I couldn’t stand the heat inside. Everyone alighted the jeepney so I did the same and I thought I’d see the terminal in 5 minutes tops like what the driver promised but I thought wrong.

                I didn’t know exactly how far I’ve walked but I finished listening to like, 15 songs before I reached the terminal. Anyway, as I was walking, All I can think about was WHY was I walking and WHY was the traffic heavy in this part of town and on a freaking Saturday night? If it was Friday, sure, I would understand but it was a Saturday and class hasn’t even started yet for most students. I thought of a lot of possible scenarios of what may have caused the jam. Maybe there was a collision? An accident? Or maybe there was a murder that took place on the far side of the road? Or maybe, some TV production was shooting a show or something and there was a famous actor there. I was  determined to find out the cause of the traffic jam so I kept on walking, looking forward for an answer. However, when I got to the place where all the cars seemed to get stuck, I saw nothing. There weren’t an accident, or an actor or dead bodies. There were just a bunch of cars who couldn’t get through because the other cars took two lanes instead of just one. None of the cars wouldn’t want to give way and everyone wanted to get ahead first. The source of the problem was non-existent. It was just the motorists and their unbelievable ability to be incredibly selfish. When I passed by that place of chaos, the road was incredibly wide. No traffic at all. You can even play hopscotch on it.

                I got angry because it was completely idiotic. I walked so far just because some idiot driver couldn’t stay on his lane and decided to make his own and others followed suit. That’s just so typical selfish Filipino attitude. Then as I was fuming, I realized something. The whole experience describes the present condition of our country. This is why the Philippines is not moving forward. This is the reason why we are STILL a third world country.

                We’re all inside this big jeepney and our driver, the President, though he’s trying, can’t do anything about it but sit and wait for the car in front of him to move a tiny inch. And we, the passengers resolve to complaining and getting angry for not knowing the reason why we’re stuck in traffic. The driver can’t even explain it either. There’s a car who’d take two lanes to get ahead and the others will follow his corrupt and wrong example with the goal of getting ahead too. We, the people who cannot afford cars, get stuck way behind. So, I realized that the more we stay in that jeepney, HOPING to move forward, the more we are dooming ourselves in poverty. Unless we gather our courage and strength to alight the jeepney and move forward by ourselves, we can never get away from that traffic jam. We’ll be stuck there for hours, cursing the government and the heavens for giving us such a hard time and never get anywhere.

                Our country is stuck in a perpetual traffic jam and we all need to get off the ride and start walking. We’ve been trudging on the wrong direction for too long, sitting and doing nothing but complain. We must make our own path to progress and not follow someone else’s. It’s going to be a long journey to success so we all better start walking right now.


Only Tax Payers Should Be Allowed to Vote

Miriam: Only Tax Payers should be allowed to Vote

                “If a person is a borderline moron, why should his vote equal the vote of a college graduate?”

                                                                                          -Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

                We all know Sen. Miriam to be the toughest chic in the senate and let’s face it, she’s among the very few who actually makes sense when she opens her mouth. One of her latest ideas sparked a very active online debate amongst netizens when she said that only tax payers should be allowed to vote. There are those who agree while some think it’s a very elitist move.

                The Filipino people are mostly composed of the urban poor. By urban poor I mean people who only eat adequate times a day, mostly just two, people who are living in slum areas and with little to no education at all. In her speech at the Far Eastern University’s Central Student Organization series back in 2012, Sen. Miriam emphasized the importance of being an educated voter. “But in our country, the masses tend to vote for the people whom they most often see either in movies or on TV.  They apply only a visual test to candidates.  If the candidate often plays the role of champion of the poor, then the uneducated poor will vote him to office for this reason only.  Thus, they are voting for actors.  Accordingly, when some of these TV and film personalities win in the elections, they continue their acting in the legislature.” She said in her speech.

                We can all attest to the kind of education we have here in the Philippines and sometimes, I cannot help but think that the government is doing so little about our severe educational problems intentionally  to keep us all stupid and ignorant during the elections. I agree with what the senator said because if you’re uneducated, then you definitely don’t know any better than to vote for the handsome actor or even get involved in vote buying just so you can feed your family. The fact that so many Filipinos do that is appalling because they do not know its long term implications towards the future of this nation and their children.

            Under Article IV, Sec 1 of the Philippine Constitution: Suffrage may be exercised by all citizens of the Philippines not otherwise disqualified by law, who are at least eighteen years of age, and who shall have resided in the Philippines for at least one year, and in the place wherein they propose to vote, for at least six months immediately preceding the election. No literacy, property, or other substantive requirement shall be imposed on the exercise of suffrage. Now, Sen. Miriam says this is not applicable in the 21st century and therefore should be amended. She proposes to change the charter so only tax payers can vote since the non-tax payers belongs to the poorest of poor, they are most likely to accept money from politicians. “Kasi kung hindisiya nagbabayad ng tax, mahirap na mahirap siya. Maski sino na lang, basta bigyan siya ng pera, kahit bigyan mo ng konti, that is patronage politics. The taxpayers are being ruled by the choice of the non-taxpayers.” The senator said.

                While many people claim that this idea has a lot of loopholes, (for example, if only income-tax payers are allowed to vote, what about those who pay the Value-Added Tax, which is everyone?) One cannot say that it doesn’t make sense because it does. As a tax payer, of course, you will care about where your hard earned contribution is going to or if it falls to the hands of righteous people. So with that, you will care to analyze and scrutinize each candidate and vote for the best ones, not just those with the most fans or with the most outrageous campaign. You will think for yourself and your country because you know exactly what is at stake.

                However, since there’s the VAT-tax payer’s problem, the only solution we can do to stop ignorant votes from running the country is to fix our educational system. Let’s do what other European countries do and put everything we have on education. Pay our teachers well, build more schools and teach more useful lessons instead of filling students’ head with useless information. Let’s add a bit of political awareness to the curriculum too so we can produce more intelligent voters who actually care about their country. I am not aiming to belittle the urban poor and the uneducated, I’m just merely stating the fact that most of us don’t really know who they’re voting for and what’s worse is they compose the majority.

                This idea by Sen. Miriam might just save us another decade of idleness, massive inflation and socioeconomic problems if it’s implemented correctly. If we stop denying the fact that the Philippine population is mostly composed of people who couldn’t care less about the names they write on their ballots as long as they get money from it; and actually do something about that problem instead, we might have a chance of experiencing a better Philippines in this lifetime.