5 Worst Types of Colleagues You’ll Meet at Work

                Unless you plan to be a bum for the rest of your life, you cannot avoid going to work.  And as an employee, you are expected to act accordingly to the rules and regulations of your company which includes not punching a co-worker in the face. We all get stressed and frustrated at work and as difficult as it is already, some people somehow makes it even harder simply by being themselves.

Here are the 5 worst types of colleague you’ll definitely meet (or may have already) at work:

The Know-It-All  

5 Worst Types of Colleagues You’ll Meet at Work

                Ugh, nobody likes a know-it-all, right? But for some reason, they keep on breeding and there are lots of them in the workplace. They dote on you and criticizing every little thing you do, correcting every single wrongs and the worst part is, they’re not even your boss. How to deal with them? Be a know-it-all yourself but only use it to defend yourself. Prove to them that you know what you’re doing and no one else should tell you how to do your job unless they’re the ones paying your bills.

The Get Me Out Of Here

5 Worst Types of Colleagues You’ll Meet at Work

                This type is easy to spot. They’re the ones who are slumped on their chairs all day, complaining about everything. They complain about having to wake up so early. They complain about the traffic. They complain about the rude bus driver they just had a fight with. They complain about the weather, the train, the sky, the desk and the way the hours go oh so slow. They have always told you that they’re going to resign and find a better job somewhere but they’ve been saying that for years now and they’re still in the company, complaining. Stay away from this type if you don’t want to become like them.

The Mega Phone

5 Worst Types of Colleagues You’ll Meet at Work

                Happy-go-lucky, cheerful, giddy but loud, very loud-these are the traits of the Mega Phones. This type of colleague is harmless at first if you’re new at the office but once they get to know you, they’ll talk to you as if you’re at the other side of the office. Always excited about everything, they like telling stories you care nothing about and you’d seriously want to put something inside their mouths to get them to stop talking but of course, you can’t do that so just pop on your earphones and listen to heavy metal instead.

The Politician

5 Worst Types of Colleagues You’ll Meet at Work

                Ah, nothing says corporate drama than office politics. This is where the office politicians thrive. This is their battlefield. They work their way into the ranks and befriends everyone, especially the big bosses. They often make themselves popular by doing people favors but don’t get fooled, once they get to the position that they want, they’ll do an entire 360 and become the monster they always were.

The Dunce

5 Worst Types of Colleagues You’ll Meet at Work

                Idiots are fun that’s why every village wants one but definitely not in the workplace. Dunces are little children on “Bring Your Child To Work Day”. They literally don’t know or care about what they’re doing as long as they’re getting paid for it. They are most of the time subordinates who keep bugging you with questions rather than taking the initiative to figure things out on their own. It’ll make you wonder if they’re really just lazy or a legit bunch of idiots who miraculously know how to make a resume and pass a job interview.


4 thoughts on “5 Worst Types of Colleagues You’ll Meet at Work

  1. I don’t like the mega phones but if there’s someone I hate the most, that would be The Get Me Out Of Here colleagues because they lack confidence and perseverance to continue to their work~

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