The Best Movies of 2014  

  There were a lot of films released in the past year but only some of them made a great impact to the viewing public but some of them really stood out and took the box office by storm. Here are some of the most iconic films of 2014:


The Best Movies of 2014   

                Richard Linklater’s twelve years-in-the-making masterpiece impressed a lot of audiences worldwide. The movie was so moving that US President Barack Obama even declared this his favorite movie of 2014. What made this movie special is not just its incredible length but also the lengths the staff and crew went through to get this movie done. For twelve whole years, Boyhood follows the story of a young boy and his journey to becoming a man; facing real situations along the way.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Best Movies of 2014   

                Entering the doors of the Grand Budapest Hotel is like walking straight into a painting. Full of wonderful characters and an amazing color palette as expected of any Wes Anderson movie, The Grand Budapest will not only make your eyes wide with amazement but will also fill your heart with emotions.

The Lego Movie

The Best Movies of 2014   

                Why did this animated made the cut of the best movies of 2014? The answer is simple: because it’s awesome. The Lego Movie is not your average animated film although it might look like that at first. It’s one of those films that you didn’t expect to make a big impact in you but it did. This movie is not just for kids and Lego enthusiast but  for all ages because it talks about self worth and how your own uniqueness can be your super power. I owe a lot to this movie because it inspired me to be more proud of myself.


Norte: Hangganan ng Kasaysayan (Norte: The End of History)

The Best Movies of 2014   

                It’s not a surprise anymore that a few Filipino indie film receieve awards from many different award giving bodies. So what makes this Lav Diaz masterpiece different from the others? Norte: Hangganan ng Kasaysayan is what the critics call the best interpretation of Dosteovsky’s Crime and Punishment. Set in the Northern part of the Philippines, the movie depicts a story of an innocent man convicted of a crime he did not commit. This movie is four hours long but it you won’t even notice it because aside from the gripping story, it also visually tasty, full of amazingly shot scenes that shows a tragic story on a beautiful background. If you’re looking for your next favorite film, you should definitely see Norte: Hangganan ng Kasayasayan.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Best Movies of 2014   

Known as one of the biggest superhero movies of all time because of its massive popularity, Guardians of the Galaxy proved that in every film, the story is still king. Equipped with a amazing special effects and unconventional characters, this movie exceeded my expectations of a normal superhero flick because it did more than just to excite me with fight scenes, it also warmed my heart and made me laugh harder than any other comedy movies I’ve ever watched. I love how the characters are all very different from each other and aren’t stereotypical.


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