Pinoy Children Shows That Should be on TV Again  

               When I was a kid, I used to wake up at 8am and sit right in front of our TV every weekday to watch my favorite shows on local channels. We didn’t have cable back then but even when we got it, I still go back to my favorite children’s shows from time to time until they all just slowly vanished. These shows are so close to my heart and they taught me a lot of lessons not just academically but also in life.

Here are some Pinoy Children Shows that should be on TV Again:

Hiraya Manawari

                Hiraya Manawari is one of the longest running children’s shows back in my day. The term Hiraya is a deeper form of “sana” (hopefully) and Manawari means “mangyari” or “Matupad”. In English, it literally means “I Hope it comes true”. From what I remember it’s a show that teaches children about discipline, love and friendship. Most episodes of Hiraya Manawari involves travelling to Magical Lands and meeting magical creatures that will teach the protagonist of that particular story a lesson that that they will carry when they go back to their real world. What I miss about this show is the storyline of every episode because they do not take their audience for granted. I love how the stories even have slightly complicated plots that even adults can still learn from it. They should really bring this back instead of re-running old violent cartoons.


This is the show that made me a history nerd and I regret nothing. I love this show so much I even risk getting late for school just to finish an episode. Bayani is a history based children’s show that brings audiences to the lives of our heroes and the builders of our nation. It’s like a first class ticket to the lives of Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, Antonio Luna, Diego Silang and many more. The main thing I love about this show aside from the amazing set is that the portrayal of characters. The actors are all amazing! A lot of kids find history (especially ours) boring nowadays and perhaps if they bring this show back, it will spark their interest just as it did mine when I was a student.


Batibot is like our very own version of Sesame Street with puppets and singing and learning about lots of stuff. I don’t remember much about the episodes of this show but I do remember Kapitan Basa who probably inspired my love for reading. Oh and also Kuya Bodjie (Luisito Pascua) the story teller. Batibot truly made me happy when I was a kid and I’m sure if they bring this back, little kids will love it too; just as long as they put away their phones for a bit.


I hated math when I was a kid (till now) and when Mathinik, a show about Mathematics came to television, It saved me from the horror of boring numbers. This show made Math fun for all of us, especially since they make solving problems a lot easier by making it very visual. I must say it improved my Math grades a little but I still find the subject boring. Nevertheless, it proved that teaching a boring subject in a fun way definitely helps.

Epol Apol

                Epol Apol is an English related children’s show that aims to teach little children proper English grammar and English words. I loved this show so much because it challenged me to learn English at such a young age. Kuya Bodjie also hosts this show and he travels with two children through distant lands to learn English phrases, usage, pronunciations, etc. This is one of the most educational since it forces the audience to learn because otherwise, they wouldn’t understand the episode.


Sineskwela is the reason why I am in love with Science. To this day, even if I’m not in school anymore, I am still very much interested in it and this show is to blame. I was a very curious kid (still am) and this show satisfied me a lot, especially that episode where they travelled inside someone’s intestines. I also remember that episode about the weather and they visually depicted how a cloud forms from water vapor and oh, that episode about Volcanoes! Sineskwela was my all-time favorite show when I was a kid and I wouldn’t mind watching it again as a young adult. I want to see Kuya Bok, Ugat Puno, Ate Giselle, Ate Winnie, Palikpik, Kulitsap, Anatom and Agatom again, do some Science and chant “Siyensya, Siyensya! Mag-imbestiga, tuklasin ang hiwaga ng Siyensya!”


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