What should be on Your New Year’s Resolution?

                Writing a New Year’s Resolution is a secular tradition in which a person makes a promise to do a big change or any act of self-improvement for the coming New Year. It is said to have started since the Babylonian era where they would promise to their Gods that they will return any borrowed objects and settle any debts at the start of each year.

Now, every New Year, most people make up a list of things they want to change or improve on for the coming year. The problem is, most of these New Year’s resolutions are left undone and worse, forgotten. So, to avoid breaking your own promises to yourself, here are a few tips in writing your New Year’s Resolution:

  • Keep it ‘Doable’

The main reason why so many resolutions go to waste each year is because they’re not at all realistic. You must keep your resolutions simple, specific and easier to abide by. For example, if you’re planning to lose weight before the next holiday season, don’t write “become thin by December’. Instead, write “Work out more frequently to achieve weight goal every month till December”.

  • Reflect on the good things

Don’t just jump on to the New Year as if the last one didn’t happen. Before you make plans for 2015, make sure you cherish and remember all the good things that went well on 2014. Whether it’s a job promotion, a new car or just a memorable bonding moment with friends and family, they are ought to be remembered, celebrated even. This way, you’d be able to look at the New Year with a more positive outlook and more enthusiasm to make your resolutions a reality.

  • Write Goals with Impact

Aside from writing resolutions for self-improvement, you should also write a goal that has a lasting impact on you and everyone else. Don’t just do things for yourself, do for other people as well. You can try volunteering for a charity or joining a Non-Government Organization. You can also try teaching and helping out in your own community.

  • Think Small

One of the most common mistakes of people who often bail out on their New Year’s Resolution is thinking too big. Don’t fight your biggest battles head on. Instead, break them down into smaller pieces and try to achieve them step by step. Don’t rush your improvement. After all, you’ve got 365 days ahead of you.

  • Work On It

Your resolutions are worth nothing if you don’t work on it every single day. Develop a time table for each promise and monitor your progress every week. You can even ask a relative or a friend to check up on you so you’ll know how you’re holding up. Think of your resolutions as a challenge that you need to overcome and always keep your eye on winning.

  • Enjoy the Process

You’re not going to reach your goal if you’re dragging the entire process of it. If you keep complaining on how big your sacrifice is to achieve your goal, you might as well quit instead of making yourself miserable. You should always devise a way to enjoy every bit of doing your New Year’s resolution and take no short cuts so when the time comes when you finally achieve your goal, it’ll be worth it.


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