The Real History behind Assassin’s Creed Games


                People who keep saying that playing video games does nothing but corrupt the brain and make you stupid clearly haven’t played Ubisoft’s most popular game, Assassin’s Creed. I’ve been playing the series for months now and the reason why it’s taking me a long time to finish one AC game is because I don’t want to rush such a masterpiece. You see, Assassin’s Creed is based on actual events in history and though some parts are fictional, the rest are fairly accurate. So for all you history nerds and video game aficionados out there, here are some of the real historical events featured in the Assassin’s Creed series:

The ‘Hashasins’ of Masyaf

The Real History behind Assassin’s Creed Games

                In the first installment of Assassin’s Creed, we follow the story of Altair Ibn La-Ahad, the master assassin of Masyaf who lived sometime in 1165-1257. Most of the story in the game occurred from 1189-92, the time which the Third Crusade took place. Now, the dates are accurate but did a secret order of Assassin’s existed during that time? Yes and they were called ‘Hashasins’. The Assassin’s guild, based at the castle of Masyaf, was established by Hassan-I Sabbah, a Persian missionary and philosopher. His assassins would target leaders, politicians and many influential people to give warnings to those who are planning to oppose him. They were also trained in martial arts and can blend with the crowd just like Altair.

They also do these killings in broad daylight to send a powerful message to the masses. Salāḥ ad-DīnYūsufibnAyyūb (better known as Saladin) who’s often mentioned in the game, is an actual Sultan who in real life, had problems with the assassins. Though he wasn’t assassinated, he backed off from fighting with them after an assassin left a dagger under his pillow that truly put him in his place.

The Knight Templars

The Real History behind Assassin’s Creed Games

                We now know that the Assassins were a real deal but what about their enemies, the Templars? Like the Assassin’s, the Templars were also written in history and was very active during the crusades. They were known as the Knight Templars and their original aim is to escort Pilgrims to the Holy Land. However, it soon grew into a military order that gained favors from very powerful people, including The Pope. Soon, corruption and murder overtook the knights and they were disbanded right after the crusades. Although, some people still claim that the organization still exists under a different name. Kind of like Abstergo Industries in the game, history books say they are long gone. Also, the appearance of the Templars in AC 1 were also historically accurate since most Templars works as guards, doctors and military leaders during that time.

Historical Characters

The Real History behind Assassin’s Creed Games

                Aside from Sultan Saladin, there were also a lot of real historical people scattered around the Assassin’s Creed universe. Most prominent is Rodrigo Borgia or most commonly known as Pope Alexander VI. In AC II, he was the main antagonist and if you think he’s evil in the game, he was reportedly so much worse in real life. He bought his way into papacy and was known to be a womanizer. He did whatever it takes to stay in power until he was poisoned in 1503. In the game, he was poisoned by his own son, Cesare (who’s also as bad in real life as his character in the game). Leonardo Da Vinci also appeared as EzioAuditore’soldest friend.

The Real History behind Assassin’s Creed Games

In AC III, George Washington gave aid to the assassin named Connor as he tried to free the US from the Templars. Black Beard, the legendary pirate king appeared in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. In the latest installment Assassin’s Creed Unity set in the midst of the French revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte assumed a very important role in the game.

                There are more historical Easter eggs hidden in the Assassin’s Creed universe and it adds to the fun trying to find and read all about it in history books. So, the next time you play AC, watch out for the real events and people in history in the game and it might just help you ace your exams.


2014’s Most Shocking Events  

                A lot of shocking events has happened in the year 2014. Some of them are too tragic to forget. To sum up all the events that made the headlines last year, here’s a list of the most shocking events of 2014:

The Ukraine Crisis (January 2014- Present)

2014’s Most Shocking Events   

                2014 didn’t start easy for Ukranians as disagreements between protesters and separatists factions spiraled into an almost civil war. It all began when a number of Ukranians protestes against the government when they dropped the plans to forge a closer trade with the European union. In February 2014 alone, hundreds of protesters have been killed. Up until now, the crisis in Ukraine remains unresolved.

The Ebola Outbreak (February 2014)

2014’s Most Shocking Events   

                One of the worst epidemic of the 21st century, The Ebola outbreak began in West Africa on February 2014. A lot of health officers died in the area while trying to stop the virus from spreading. However, the virus spread so quickly that it even reached the United States of America. It caused massive scare on the entire world and up until now, the World Health Organization is still diligently working to eradicate this epidemic quickly.

The Missing Flight: MH370 (March 2014)

2014’s Most Shocking Events   

                On a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared somewhere over the Gulf of Thailand along with its 239 passengers on board. There’s been a lot of speculations why the plane suddenly disappeared and the most popular theory is a terrorist attack. However, none of these have been proven to be the real since the flight is still missing. Experts believe that the plane might have crashed near the Indian Ocean. So far, no sign of the airplane has been found there since though the search continues to this day.

The UC Santa Barbara Killing Spree (May 2014)

2014’s Most Shocking Events   

                A 22-year old student named Elliot Rodger started shooting fellow students inside their campus simply because no one would date him. He started off by killing his roommate and his friends inside their dorm and then he proceeds to shoot students around the campus. Before he committed the heinous act, he reportedly sent an email called “manifesto” to his relatives and posted a video on Youtube about his plans on how to he will go about his killing spree and why.

MH 17 Shot down over Ukraine (July 2014)

2014’s Most Shocking Events   

                Following the crisis in Ukraine and the disappearance of MH 370, another Malaysian plane got involved in another tragedy. Malaysian Airlines flight 17 has been shot down by surface-to-air missile, blowing up the plane and killing all the 298 people inside. It was believed that Russian separatists did the shooting.

Israel Invades The Gaza Strip (July-August 2014)

2014’s Most Shocking Events   

                One of the most shocking events of 2014 is the Israel invasion of The Gaza strip where thousands of people, including children have been killed. It started with the execution of Israeli students in Gaza committed by a group called Hamas. During those seven days of hell, 2,107 Palestinians and 71 Israelis were killed.

The Ferguson Riots (August 2014-Present)

2014’s Most Shocking Events   

                Following the death of an unarmed African-American teenager named Micahel Brown by the hands of the police, a massive riot erupted in Ferguson, Missouri. The protesters called for justice for the death of Brown and hundreds of other African-Americans because of racism and stereotyping. This protest receieved a massive following worldwide and gained support online. To this day, the policeman who shot Michael Brown hasn’t been arrested for murder.

Robin William’s Suicide (August 2014)

2014’s Most Shocking Events   

                The suicide of Robin Williams, one of the most iconic comedians of all time and an award winning actor, brought the whole world to tears. He was found dead in his home in Paradise Cay, California. His death reminded us once again that people who usually make other people happy are the ones who are battling the biggest demons.

What should be on Your New Year’s Resolution?

                Writing a New Year’s Resolution is a secular tradition in which a person makes a promise to do a big change or any act of self-improvement for the coming New Year. It is said to have started since the Babylonian era where they would promise to their Gods that they will return any borrowed objects and settle any debts at the start of each year.

Now, every New Year, most people make up a list of things they want to change or improve on for the coming year. The problem is, most of these New Year’s resolutions are left undone and worse, forgotten. So, to avoid breaking your own promises to yourself, here are a few tips in writing your New Year’s Resolution:

  • Keep it ‘Doable’

The main reason why so many resolutions go to waste each year is because they’re not at all realistic. You must keep your resolutions simple, specific and easier to abide by. For example, if you’re planning to lose weight before the next holiday season, don’t write “become thin by December’. Instead, write “Work out more frequently to achieve weight goal every month till December”.

  • Reflect on the good things

Don’t just jump on to the New Year as if the last one didn’t happen. Before you make plans for 2015, make sure you cherish and remember all the good things that went well on 2014. Whether it’s a job promotion, a new car or just a memorable bonding moment with friends and family, they are ought to be remembered, celebrated even. This way, you’d be able to look at the New Year with a more positive outlook and more enthusiasm to make your resolutions a reality.

  • Write Goals with Impact

Aside from writing resolutions for self-improvement, you should also write a goal that has a lasting impact on you and everyone else. Don’t just do things for yourself, do for other people as well. You can try volunteering for a charity or joining a Non-Government Organization. You can also try teaching and helping out in your own community.

  • Think Small

One of the most common mistakes of people who often bail out on their New Year’s Resolution is thinking too big. Don’t fight your biggest battles head on. Instead, break them down into smaller pieces and try to achieve them step by step. Don’t rush your improvement. After all, you’ve got 365 days ahead of you.

  • Work On It

Your resolutions are worth nothing if you don’t work on it every single day. Develop a time table for each promise and monitor your progress every week. You can even ask a relative or a friend to check up on you so you’ll know how you’re holding up. Think of your resolutions as a challenge that you need to overcome and always keep your eye on winning.

  • Enjoy the Process

You’re not going to reach your goal if you’re dragging the entire process of it. If you keep complaining on how big your sacrifice is to achieve your goal, you might as well quit instead of making yourself miserable. You should always devise a way to enjoy every bit of doing your New Year’s resolution and take no short cuts so when the time comes when you finally achieve your goal, it’ll be worth it.