Sharp as a Tack: Ways to Enhance your Memory

                        Have you ever experienced going to another room and forget why you’re there? Have you ever forgotten a friend’s birthday or forgot to feed your pets? Our ability to remember becomes weaker as we get older. They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks but experts say otherwise. You can definitely improve your memory if you follow these tips:

  • Exercise your Brain

To Sharp as a Tack: Ways to Enhance your Memory

Keeping your mind active can definitely help in enhancing your memory, especially if you’re already in your 50’s. Do crosswords puzzles or take a new route when you’re going somewhere. You can also try to learn a new language or play an instrument. Just do whatever you can think of to keep your mind active.

  • Get Happy

To Sharp as a Tack: Ways to Enhance your Memory

Stress plays an important role in messing up your memory. So if you can avoid getting stressed out, do it. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel light and happy despite any situation. Remember: sulking in sadness does not solve anything. You can also try meditation and surround yourself with positive people.

  • Eat Well and Eat Healthy

To Sharp as a Tack: Ways to Enhance your Memory

                        Eating healthy does not only help the body but the mind as well. Eat food that is rich in Omega-3 because the amino fatty acids that it contains are very beneficial to the brain. Limit your consummation of calories and saturated fat. Eat more fruits and vegetables and stay away from junk food. They are called junk food for a reason. Also, drink green tea or even wine but moderately.

  • Pay Attention

To Sharp as a Tack: Ways to Enhance your Memory

                        This will definitely be most applicable to students, especially those who are having a hard time studying for exams. If you have actually paid attention to your classes, you wouldn’t have to do so much memorizing. Paying attention helps the short term memories to become long term memories so you can get them back easier if you actually understood them. Listening is a very important aspect of paying attention so you better work on that first.

  • Get Organized

To Sharp as a Tack: Ways to Enhance your Memory

            You are more likely to forget things when everything you own is in chaos. Try organizing your stuff, especially the ones you use the most and discipline yourself to put them back wherever you originally found them so you won’t ever forget. Mostly, keys are often the ones that get lost and forgotten so make a single space for your keys on your desk or wherever you please. Just remember to put them back there each time you use it. That way, you always know where your things are.

  • Sleep on it

To Sharp as a Tack: Ways to Enhance your Memory

            Sleep is a major memory enhancer. Lack of sleep kills a lot of neurons so make sure you get that 8 hours of sleep. For students and yuppies, I know it’s hard to get long hours of sleep but try. If you got nothing to do on weekends, try to catch up on your sleep so your brain and body can rest and rebuild itself. Make sleep a priority and take power naps whenever you can.


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