Feminism is not Anti-Male

                Feminism is a word mostly associated with hating men and not some form of idea that all genders should have equal rights. Many people think of feminism as something that will empower women so hard that we will all rise to power and make men our slaves. While some think of feminists as bra-burning witches who encourage women to leave their husbands and form an alliance against all men. The fact that most people believe all those ridiculous things about feminism just proves that very few people really understand what it means and why groups of men and women around the world are fighting for it.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                 Here’s what everyone needs to know: Feminism is not Anti-Male. Feminism does not equal misandry. There’s a huge difference between feminists and misandrists and it only gets confusing because some women who declare themselves as feminists are very vulgar when it comes to expressing their hatred for men. Generalizing the entire male population as rapists and animals is not feminism at all. Just because the word female is in Feminism does not mean the idea only applies to women. Feminism also upholds the rights of men in the society, especially when it comes to gender stereotyping. This idea promotes and supports men in their rights to appear vulnerable and be actual human beings in a society that boxes them into images of machismo. A portion does not equal the whole even if that portion is annoyingly loud.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                The goal of feminism is to create a society where all genders are free to be themselves, to succeed and be happy without their genders being an issue. Where every employee gets the same salary for the same type of work regardless of what gender they identify as, where men can be whoever they want to be without being called ‘gay’ for liking something effeminate and women will not be called ‘sluts’ for showing skin and where the word ‘gay’ is not to be used as an insult and every one respects each other’s choices and beliefs.

                It’s an ideal albeit ambitious society and so far, it’s kind of hard to achieve since there are even women who don’t like feminism and agree with the way the system has been built on the foundations of patriarchy. Clearly, they don’t realize how much of our potentials are being wasted because of gender inequality.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                Feminism also makes everyone aware about the hardships that most women go through in every part of the world. Because of feminism, issues like reproductive health, birth control, everyone’s access to education, women’s rights to vote, etc. are given their much deserved attention. Again, just because it directly affects women does not mean it doesn’t affect the entire nation as a whole. After all, females are also part of this equation we call society. We cannot function without the other and vice versa so we might as well take care of each other.

Feminism is not Anti-Male

                The reason why Feminism gets a lot of bad rap is because most people do not even look deep into it. They only see it as a way for women to get what they want and God forbid, they shouldn’t give women what they want because…what’s going to happen again? Nothing! These people just don’t want change because they are unable to see the future. They are unable to realize that we all need is each other to function and to undermine the other is just unnatural and will cause an imbalance. It’s time to start thinking of our existence as one and realize that we all need each other to live. That’s not an opinion. It’s just the truth so open your eyes. Feminism is not anti-male but it is anti everything that steps on the rights of all human beings. Deal with it.


12 thoughts on “Feminism is not Anti-Male

  1. I need feminism because it’s not okay that a man thought it was appropriate to say “It’s only illegal to touch not to just look” when I asked him to stop looking at my covered chest.

  2. Honestly, the concept of feminism is permeated with negativity now, especially by the younger generations.

    Instead of the important issues of inequality people focus on such triviality, and the feminist morphs into the lesbian man-hater with rebellious hairy armpits.

    There definitely needs to be more awareness making it clear what feminists strive for which is equality, not world domination for women!

    • I agree with you, Jazmin. People around the world need to see feminism in its truest form and not judge it based on those who call themselves feminist but are not for equality at all. I hope one day people will stop generalizing feminists as man-haters or women who want equal rights and special treatment.

  3. I don’t understand this push for men and women to be equal. Sure we are equal as human beings, but Men and Women are different, they’re not the same.
    Men have their own strengths and weaknesses, and women have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    • When we speak of equality, we are speaking of equal rights for people of all genders. Yes, we are all different but that does not make anyone of us superior over the other-which is what is happening around the world right now and since. The idea that men are superior to any other living creature on earth is the very foundation of patriarchy that destroys all of our potentials to achieve great things. We push equality for everyone because we all deserve to be treated fairly. It’s not about strengths or weaknesses, this is about freedom.

  4. There is always an equal rights for every human being, the only difference is the common role of each gender in the society. If a woman can do a mans job or work there’s nothing wrong with that but it is not usual or common for women doing something intended for men and vice versa. If women will value their society then it is their right to do so not unless they doing it against the opposite gender. Men should value women because that is the right thing to do.

  5. Feminism does anything to discredit anyone who defy its belief system. That is expected but not a reason to back down. Rather the opposite. We have to fight the evil for all our sakes. Not just for men but for women too.

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