How to Tell If your House Is Haunted

                Haunted houses in films might look really scary but if you’re actually living in one, it’s a totally different level of creepiness. I’ve heard a lot of stories from my friends about their creepy experiences inside their own homes and I’ve got a few tales myself but how do we really determine if our house is indeed, haunted by ghosts or entities?

Since I like all things creepy and research is fun, here are a couple of things I found on how to tell if your house is haunted by ghosts:

  • Strange Animal Behavior

How to Tell If your House Is Haunted

                                If you’re a pet owner and they start to act strangely around a certain area in your house, for example, if you have a dog and they keep on barking at some invisible entity, there’s a good chance that you have an unwanted guest in your house. Animals have heightened sense of feeling, that’s why they can often sense what we can’t feel or see.

  • Disappearing Objects

How to Tell If your House Is Haunted

                                Have you ever experienced putting your keys at your bedside table and waking up to find them someplace else, someplace strange like under the couch? Sure, you could easily brush that off and think you just misplaced it but if it happens way often and you’re sure you remember where you put your things, you may have something going on in your house.  It could be a mischievous spirit playing tricks on you or you’re just really an extreme case of a scatterbrain. Either way, you have a problem.

  • The Feeling of Being Watched

How to Tell If your House Is Haunted

                One of the surefire ways to tell if an area of your house is haunted is when you feel like you’re being watched every time you’re there. You will feel the hair on the back of your neck stand on end and there’s this feeling that you have to look at a certain direction because you feel that someone else is looking at you too even though you’re completely alone.  When you experience this, be careful with looking on that direction, you might see something, or someone.

  • Night Terrors

How to Tell If your House Is Haunted

                We all have bad dreams but if yours is happening too often and it’s a recurring dream where you see scary entities around you or you’re seeing yourself getting strangled by some being every single night then I think it’s time you consider that those are not just bad dreams. Having strange dreams involving people you haven’t seen in your lifetime, speaking and communicating to you is also a bad sign. They could be spirits manifesting themselves and communicating to you through your subconscious.

  • Strange Noises and Moving Objects

How to Tell If your House Is Haunted

                A ghost haunting can manifest itself through strange noises that you may hear randomly like whispers, moans or even cries when you’re sure there’s no apparent source of such sounds. Or you can literally see objects moving by themselves, TVs changing channels by itself and lights turning on and off.

  • Apparition

How to Tell If your House Is Haunted

                Once you see a ghostly apparition then you can be sure that your house is really haunted, especially if you’re not the only one who saw this thing, more than once. They may be rare, but full-body apparitions and ghostly wisps of light are definite signs that something paranormal is happening. But when you see one, you know who to call. And by call I mean, call a paranormal expert not the Ghostbusters.


Eerily Convincing Scary Videos That Will Give You the Creeps

                We can all agree that not all Youtube videos are real. But sometimes, these Youtube users can get a little more creative than usual that their videos can get pretty convincing. Some of these videos are not even verified as fake yet, but then again, the success of these videos lies in their impact and not on their legitimacy.

So in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween, here are some of the most eerily convincing videos I found on Youtube that will definitely give you the creeps:

The Headless Ghost

                This video was filmed by five incredibly adventurous young Iraqis in an abandoned school. It’s obvious that they are looking for something weird to show up. The original video is actually 5 minutes long where we can see these kids laughing around and scaring each other, three of them are filming the place and one of their cameras took the video of a headless shadow of a man walking towards them. They didn’t seem alarmed by the apparition at all which seems kind of screwy but in their video description, they noted that they didn’t see the apparition while they were filming and only saw it when they played the video back. The creepy sound that accompanied the appearance of the ghost was not edited nor was it the voice of the ghost. It was just the opening prayer of a nearby mosque. I don’t know if this is real or not but it is totally creepy and not to mention the fact that you can totally see it ooze out of the walls.  Yikes!

The Angel

CCTV videos aren’t just for catching criminals in the act; it can also catch ghosts and other entities in action as well, in this case, an alleged angel. CCTV videos all have this very “real” feel to it but with the kind of technology we have today, that blurry crappy camera effect can be easily duplicated. Anyway, this video was taken in front of a public square somewhere in Jakarta, Indonesia. Everything seems pretty normal but then a glowing winged creature sort of fell down from above and dwell on sight for about 7 seconds before bouncing away. Now this one is not that convincing since the movement of the ‘Angel’ is pretty much animated but who knows, maybe that’s what they want you think.

Demon Hands


Out of all the scary made up videos on Youtube, this one is probably one of the best. This is obviously a CGI but it’s the best one yet. It starts with a guy running around his house, obviously away from something. Then he locked himself inside his bedroom and the real horror starts. Hands start coming out of the ceiling and from the walls. The creepiest part of this video is the tiny baby hands under the door trying to get in and the eye that blinked at him. Yikes! The ending is pretty scary and you know, very fake but you’ve got to admit that whoever made this video is amazing at CGI. I mean just look at the way the lights reflect on the CGI as if the creatures were really there. Hmm…what if they were really there? Better stay away from your ceiling and walls tonight, huh?

13 Scary Facts about Halloween That You Probably Didn’t Know

                Halloween is just around the corner and while you’re busy thinking about what costume to wear, have you ever thought about how Halloween came to be or where did this celebration start?

Here are 13 Scary facts about this world famous holiday that you probably didn’t know about:

13 Scary Facts about Halloween That You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. The celebration of Halloween was inspired by the Roman festival called Pomona. Pomona is their Goddess of harvest and during her festival, people would wear different costumes and they give out Apples and Nuts to little kids. In the past, Halloween was originally called “San-Apple Night” and “Nut Crack Night”
  2. Halloween is thought to have been celebrated since 4000 B.C… That means, this holiday has been around for over 6,000 years.
  3. Jack-O-Lanterns originated in Ireland. They carve faces on Turnips and then put candles inside. When Halloween came to the US because of Irish Immigrants, the Americans started using pumpkins instead of turnips because they are cheaper. Pumpkins soon became the face of Jack-o-lanterns worldwide.13 Scary Facts about Halloween That You Probably Didn’t Know
  4. Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday around the world with Christmas Day being the first. The candy industry alone profits more than $6 Billion dollars every Halloween.
  5. The story of Jack-O-Lantern is an old folk tale in Ireland. According to legends, Jack is a mischievous man who has tricked the devil several times. And because of that, he was forbidden to enter both Heaven and Hell and was punished to live amongst humans, forever waving his lantern to stray unlucky travelers to the right path.13 Scary Facts about Halloween That You Probably Didn’t Know
  6. Dressing up in a scary fashion during Halloween nights came from an old Celtic tradition. They dress up as demons and bad spirits and roam the streets at night. This way, the real demons and bad spirits roaming the streets would never recognize them as humans and won’t harm them.
  7. Even though it’s a common thing to see a full moon trope whenever Halloween comes, it is actually very rare to have a full moon every October 31st. The next full moon that will fall on a Halloween night is on the year 2020.13 Scary Facts about Halloween That You Probably Didn’t Know
  8. Black and orange are the official colors of Halloween not just because of some random reason. Black represents death and mystery while orange represents the year of harvest.
  9. There are towns in the US that seemed to be in Halloween spirits all year round because of their creepy names. If you want your Halloween to be extremely thematic, you might want to visit Spiderweb South Carolina, Goblintown Virginia, Bat Cave North Carolina and Scary West Virginia13 Scary Facts about Halloween That You Probably Didn’t Know
  10. In Medieval England, a practice called “Souling” is very popular around Halloween night. Beggars and other unfortunate people would knock on people’s homes and ask for food in exchange for prayers for their dearly departed.
  11. Halloween can be really scary but did you know some people actually suffer from a fear of Halloween? Samhainophobia is an intense and persistent fear of Halloween that can cause panic attacks in sufferers. Other relevant phobias for this time of year are wiccaphobia (fear of witches), phasmophobia (fear of ghosts), and coimetrophobia (fear of cemeteries).13 Scary Facts about Halloween That You Probably Didn’t Know
  12. Children are twice more likely to get killed and get involved in vehicular accidents during Halloween nights than any other day.
  13. The trick or treat tradition are widely popular in the United States and it has spread to Canada, Australia, and Western Europe. In parts of England, children carry lanterns called punkies (buckets that look like Jack-O-Lanterns) and they parade around town during the last Thursday of October.

13 Scary Facts about Halloween That You Probably Didn’t Know

5 Relevant Firsts in Philippine History

                Philippine history is rich and colorful but did you know it’s also full of surprises? In this article, we will explore all the “firsts” events in Philippines and what made them a historical event.

  1. The First Filipino to be on Television

5 Relevant Firsts in Philippine History

                Ever wonder who was the first Filipino to show their face on television? Hint: It’s not an actor. It’s actually Elpidio Quirino the Philippines’ 6th President.  It was on October 23, 1953 where the Broadcasting industry in the Philippines was still on its earliest stages. His brother, Antonio Quirino was one of the co-founders of Alto Broadcasting System or now known to be one of the biggest networks in the country, ABS-CBN.

  1. The First Aircraft to fly in the Philippines

                During the 1911 Manila Carnival Celebration, several aerial troops from the US arrived in the Philippines to perform a flight exhibition in the Pacific. It was part of their worldwide tour featuring the two earliest aircrafts ever to land in the Philippine territory. The aircrafts names were: Shiver’s Skylark and Red Devil biplane, both designed by US aviation pioneer, Glenn Hammond Curtis. A replica of Skylark can now be seen in Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum at Villamor Air Base.

  1. The First Ice Cream Store in the Philippines

5 Relevant Firsts in Philippine History

                Uncle Sam brought with him not just hamburgers and basketball but also one of our favorite treats, the Ice Cream. The first Ice Cream store in the country was called Clarke’s Ice Cream Parlor named after its owner, M.A. Clarke. It was built in 1899 along Plaza Moraga on the south end of the Pasig River. But Clark’s Ice Cream Parlor served more than just delicious ice cream, they also sold coffee, sodas, and candies. Soon, Clark’s Ice cream got replaced by an even more affordable ice cream made from carabao milk which is locally known as sorbetes.

  1. The First Filipino Music Group on the US Billboard Top 100 Chart

5 Relevant Firsts in Philippine History

                Long before Lea Salonga and CharicePempengco became famous as international singers and chart topper, the band called The Rocky Fellers was the first ever Pinoy musical act that ever landed a spot on the US Billboard Top 100 Chart. They’re one of the country’s earlier rock band who sang the hit song “Killer Joe”. It was such a huge hit in the country and abroad that it landed on the number 16th place in the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 back in 1963. They are composed of Doroteo “Moro” Maligmat and his four sons: Antonio, Junior, Eddie, and Albert. They continued to climb up to the charts but unfortunately, the British Music invasion happened and their careers was cut short.

  1. The First Filipina Miss Universe

pizap.com13825757328631 5 Relevant Firsts in Philippine History

                The first Filipina to ever been crowned Miss Universe is none other than the beautiful Gloria Diaz in 1969. Gloria Maria Aspillera Diaz was crowned the most beautiful woman on earth in Miami Florida in the USA.  Díaz was only 18 when she became Miss Universe 1969 after besting other candidates on the final question. She is now a well known actress in the country. She also won a couple of awards in her chosen field.

Rumor Has It: Debunking 2 Famous Pinoy Rumors

Rumors, rumors and more rumors.  If there’s anything most Filipinos like to do more than anything is to listen to rumors and sometimes, spreading them. For a country that deems Showbiz news as important, most of us sort of feel inclined to mind other people’s business that sometimes, it sparks ridiculous rumors that many believe.

So now, let me shed some light on these two rumors that made noise in the country; what started them and if they’re actually true or not.

The Death of Julie Vega

Rumor Has It: Debunking 2 Famous Pinoy Rumors

  • Julie Vega was one of those child actresses who rose to fame because of her acting talents and a very angelic face. At the age of 16, she was already a very accomplished child actress winning 2 FAMAS awards during her brief showbiz career. Her sudden death brought shock to a lot of Filipinos and eventually, sparked an urban legend.

At that time, her cause of death was unknown and it led people to believe that it was caused by the last movie she starred in. It was a horror movie where she plays the daughter of a mortal and a demon where she keeps getting possessed by elementals. Rumor has it that she got cursed by an engkantadaor a fairy.

Rumor Has It: Debunking 2 Famous Pinoy Rumors

But here’s what really happened: Just after her high school graduation in 1985, Julie Vega complained of body pains, extreme weakness and numbness of the lower part of her body. She was brought to a private hospital to get treatment and was diagnosed with a form of demyelinating disease, which was highly suspected to be either or multiple sclerosis.  Her parents transferred her to a much cheaper hospital since they couldn’t afford the bills anymore. While she was confined, she acquired bronchopneumonia that made her condition even worse. They transferred her again to another hospital where she died of cardiac arrest on May 6, 1985, just 15 days short of her 17th birthday.

Spolarium and the Rape of Pepsi Paloma

  • Rumor has it that the Eraserheads hit song ‘Spolarium’ is about Joey De Leon and Vic Sotto, along with Richie D’Horsie and the rape of the the sexy star and under aged,Pepsi Paloma. It was because of their names “Enteng and Joey” being mentioned in the song lyrics:

“Umiyak ang umaga

Anong sinulat ni Enteng at Joey diyan

Sa pintong salamin

Di ko na mabasa

Pagkat merong nagbura”

Here’s what really happened: This case happened in 1982. Pepsi Paloma accused Joey, Vic and Richie of gang rape. This made headlines and was the talk of the town that time. The case was settled out of court after the trio did a public apology to Paloma and both parties signed an agreement. But according to Paloma, Tito Sotto coerced her to sign the affidavit of desistance to trash the case since rape was punishable by death at that time. Pepsi Paloma then committed suicide and was found hanging by her neck in 1985 apparently because of the trauma and injustice she experienced.

Rumor Has It: Debunking 2 Famous Pinoy Rumors

When the band was asked about the meaning of Spoliarium, they denied it being connected to the rape case at all. The origin of the song is in fact very far from it. The song was actually telling about the time Ely Buendia (Eraserheads lead singer) had a drinking spree with his friends. He was about to go home when a friend called him from his condo window in San Juan and asked him to go drinking. He stayed there till three in the morning. The gintongalakreferred to a liquor called Goldshlagger. Enteng and Joey are the names of Ehead’sfriends at that time who wrote Ely’s real name on a mirror but he can’t seem to read it because someone slightly erased it.