Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nikola Tesla


                Nikola Tesla is probably the most underrated inventor of all time. He patented a lot of useful inventions, mostly in the field of electricity and yet, most people still don’t know who he is or his biggest contributions to Science.

And since he just turned 158 this July,  here are some things you probably didn’t know about the great Nikola Tesla:

Tesla and the Invention of the Smartphone and the Internet

                As shocking as that may sound, the original concept of smartphones and Siri weren’t cooked up by Steve Jobs. The idea for that modern technology came from Tesla. His idea was to make a handheld device that could receive stock quotes and telegram messages wirelessly via broadcasted frequencies. Tesla reportedly once said, “The household’s daily newspaper will be printed ‘wirelessly’ in the home during the night”. In other words, he was the first to envision smartphones and wireless internet. If only he was supported enough to push through with that project, the internet would’ve been invented decades ago.

No Sleep For Great Minds

                Like all the other great inventors, Nikola Tesla rarely slept. He would work in his lab for hours and in one instance, he stayed up working for 84 hours straight. He never slept for more than two hours and after he’s done working at 3 am, he’ll be at it again in just a few hours. Although he admits that he occasionally dozes off to ‘charge his batteries’.

The Man From the Future

                Tesla’s mind is so advanced that people often speak of him as if he came from another time and it is evident in his inventions. Some people even thought he was from Venus and was preparing the earth for the coming of Venusians. That’s utterly ridiculous but who can blame them? Tesla is incredibly brilliant and he held around 700 patents in 26 countries. These includes the Tesla Coil, Alternating currents, Robots, Spark Plugs, Bladeless Turbine, Devices for X-rays and many more. He also once planned on making an actual death ray.  He was also the first to harness the power of the Niagra Falls into a hydro-electronic power plant. His main goal? Free electricity for everyone.

Tesla vs. Edison

                Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla weren’t actually arch enemies. However, they were rivals. Tesla once worked for Edison in his lab and while they were both brilliant, Tesla knew that he can do so much more on his own. Soon enough, he became Edison’s rival and the only reason why Edison is much more popular and richer than Tesla is because he was a businessman. A little unknown fact: Thomas Edison was not the one behind the idea of light bulbs . It was actually Tesla, however, Edison knew how to sell it so he got the credit. Despite that, the two remained decent to each other and even admired each other’s work. Kind of like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs relationship.

Eccentric-like that’s a surprise

                Most geniuses are eccentric types. Tesla however is a little bit more special. He had OCD and cannot bear the sight of pearls and later, human hair. He needed to touch things constantly and everything must be divisible by three. He also had a strange fascination with pigeons. It was rumored that he was even ‘in love’ with one because of what he wrote about it. Also, he never had a love interest or a girlfriend, nothing. He was entirely married to his work.

Tesla’s Death

                Here’s the sad part: Tesla died alone and penniless in a hotel in New York City. He died January 7th, 1943 from Coronary Thrombosis with the maid discovering his body two days later. Even though he had sold his AC patents, he still died a very poor man because he self-funded most of his projects that never even seen the light of day.


Top 5 Psychological Thrillers That Will Blow Your Mind  


                If there’s anything I like more than horror films it’s definitely psychological thrillers.  Those movies filled with heart racing scenes and up and down emotions with a mind-blowing twist in the end that will make you feel stupid because you didn’t figure out the mystery; these are the kinds of movies I’d sit through for hours. If you haven’t watched any psycho-thrillers, here is the list of my favorites to give your brain some exercise and a little headache too.

The Silence of the Lambs

Top 5 Psychological Thrillers That Will Blow Your Mind

                There is no doubt that The Silence of the Lambs is one of the best psychological thrillers of all time. Why? Because the movie introduced to us the complex character of psychiatrist turned serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The mystery and sense of hunting something scary and unknown is what makes this film jaw dropping and of course, the amazing performance of Jodi Foster helped a lot. This film will give you the kind of scare no other horror movie can. It burns in the skull and it will never leave you, trust me.


Top 5 Psychological Thrillers That Will Blow Your Mind

                How do I even begin to explain inception when there are times when I even question myself if I truly understood it every detail of it? Although I’m pretty sure I got the gist of the movie, I’m not really sure if it means what I think it means and that’s the beauty of it! It’s an imaginative tour to the subconscious mind that will make you a little dizzy, not only because of the awe-inspiring cinematography but also because you can’t even determine if it’s a dream or a dream within a dream or maybe you dreamed of watching it.

Shutter Island

Top 5 Psychological Thrillers That Will Blow Your Mind

                Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, Shutter Island takes you on a ride to the insanity in all of us. It’s the perfect mystery with the perfect heart shattering twist.  When Teddy Daniels was tasked to look for a missing patient inside a prison for the criminally insane, he finds himself cracking a bigger mystery involving some psychological experiments, a freak storm, and weird doctors while battling against his own sanity. It’s just so full of misleading clues that builds you up only to bring you down when you find out the truth but it’s worth it.

The Prestige

Top 5 Psychological Thrillers That Will Blow Your Mind

                The very first reason why I love this movie is because a) it’s about magic b) It’s about Science and Deception and c) Nikola Tesla was portrayed by David Bowie. The Prestige is a magic show itself. Every scene will make you want to pay attention because they got you so engrossed to it already. It’s a one giant magic trick performed with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. The end is a big cliffhanger. I don’t even know how I survived it.  


Fight Club


Top 5 Psychological Thrillers That Will Blow Your Mind

                The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. This Chuck Palahniuk masterpiece challenges and questions our life here on earth and our purpose. If you want to get the shock out of your life and you’re a fan of unexpected endings, Fight Club is the psychological film you definitely want to watch. It’s insightful, full of words of wisdom and a challenge of a lifetime. Fight Club is one heck of a movie that will grab your attention and never let you go until the credits roll. I’m still thinking about it every now and then.