Most Memorable Pinoy TV Commercials of All Time  

Most Memorable Pinoy TV Commercials of All Time  

            Most people hate commercials because it disrupts them from watching their favorite telenovelas. However, there are some commercials who have influenced us greatly and did more than just convince us to buy the product, they made the entire nation talk about it for months and even years.

I present to you the Philippines’ most iconic commercials and the stories behind them:

Tender Juicy’s “Good bye Carlo”

                “Good bye Carlo” became popular for its sweet and humorous story of a chubby little girl who tried to get rid of her love for TJ hotdogs in order to lose weight and impress her crush Carlo (played by a young Patrick Garcia). But in the end, she chose her love for hotdogs and so she writes a goodbye letter to her beloved Carlo while she eats another piece of TJ. It’s a simple yet entertaining commercial that captured the attention of both young and old because it was both relatable and nostalgic. We rarely get these kinds of commercials nowadays.

Sprite’s “I Love You Piolo”

                The commercial that rose Toni Gonzaga to stardom, Sprite’s “I Love You Piolo” hit teenage girls and some moms like a tidal wave. And why wouldn’t it when it stars the heartthrob PioloPascual? Plus, Toni’s funny acting won the audiences as well and up until now, she is still advertising the popular beverage. 

Coca Cola’s “Coke Beat”

                “Gets mo na, gets ko na! Ahhh! Coca Cola!” Everyone in my elementary school knew how to do the Coca-cola beat song and if you didn’t, you’re not one of the cool kids. I cannot tell you how many hours my cousins and I spent perfecting the beat. It was so catchy and popular that it even sparked a local urban legend. It says that one of the girls who appeared in that commercial died on an accident and anyone who does her parts of the beat will die as well. But it didn’t scare us from doing it every recess!

PLDT’s “Suportahan Taka”

                This commercial is a love letter to every child struggling to make their parents proud. A story of a medical student struggling to find the courage to tell his father that he wants to shift to Fine Arts and he does not want to be a doctor like his father wanted him to be. When he finally got the courage to ask, his father unexpectedly replied with “Kung saan ka masaya ti, suportahan taka”. The first time my dad saw this commercial, he teared up a little because it reminded him of his own father. I guess that’s the winning recipe of this commercial, simple yet it tugs on your heart strings even up until now.

McDonald’s “Lolo” aka “Karen Po”

                This is probably the most memorable commercial of my generation. Who could ever forget the “Karen po” dialogue and the heartwarming burger cutting scene? This commercial was highly praised for its very relatable characters. Created by Leo Burnett, this commercial won the Philippines its first ever Gold in a prestigious competition besting other Asian commercials. The best part of this commercial is the love of a grandfather who, despite his failing memory still remembers his favorite granddaughter, Karen.




6 thoughts on “Most Memorable Pinoy TV Commercials of All Time  

  1. Nakakamis din balikan ang mga commercials na tumatak sa ating mga isipan, thank you sa article na ito dahil na miss ko yung kabataan ko na ibang iba na sa panahon ngayon haixt….. kung puwede lang ibalik ang mga nakaraan 😦

  2. I remember when I was a little child, when this commercial of Tender Juicy hotdogs appeared on our television, it captured my attention LOL :), then right after that I used to memorize their lines.. “dear Carlo”.. haha …so funny that until now I know it!
    And one more is the Mcdonald commercial.. my tear fell down from my eyes… it reminds me of my Lolo.. 🙂

  3. vintage. When I was a kid, we used to recite the whole advertisement while running around, playing, climbing trees, and hiding each other’s foot wears. We also used to play the coke beat with or without a prize coke. We ran the beat game around 10 times before somebody gives up not because of mistake but because of hurting palm.. Yes, those were the days.

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