Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

Creepiest Pastas to Keep You Up Late At Night

Creepy pasta is what the online world calls a short scary story that will surely make you afraid of the dark. I’ve been reading a lot of creepy pastas over the last few years and I’ve collected a lot of favorites. I must say, even though I know these stories are made up, I can’t help but get goose bumps every time I read them. I guess that’s why they say ghost stories are better off watched than read.

Anyway, here are some of the creepiest pastas I’ve ever read and will definitely keep you up at night:

The NoEnd House

Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

                The story of the NoEnd House is straight out of a crazy psychological film that will make your head hurt if not creep you out so badly you’d be afraid of entering rooms with numbers on them. It all started with an invitation to a game that will earn you an instant $500 if you win. All you have to do is pass through 9 different doors inside the NoEnd House and survive the horrors in each room. Sounds easy enough? Well, if you’re fine with facing scary shadows, a horse-like demon, dismembered bodies and stabbing yourself, I’m sure you’ll do fine. However, don’t expect to get out because this game will never end, hence the name.

Read the story here:


Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

                The story of Slenderman is probably the most popular creepy pasta character ever as it inspired numerous games and internet memes. Slender Man is long limbed faceless creature wearing a tuxedo. He was part of an online horror story contest and emerged the winner. He is said to haunt children in their dreams and abduct them when it’s time. The story was told in a very realistic way, complete with pictures and everything which made it even creepier. That’s not even the scariest part. After Slenderman trended around the internet, a lot of people, mostly adults now have claimed to see the creature when they were children, lurking in the shadows. The weird part is they all have the same descriptions of Slenderman even if they are located in different parts of the world.

Read the story here:

Humans Can Lick Too

Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

                People with dogs can relate very well to this scary tale. The story tells of a girl who was left alone in a house. The only companion she has is her pet dog who likes hiding under her bed. It comforts her by licking her hand whenever she feels scared. I won’t spoil the rest of the story but let’s just say you won’t be allowing your dogs to lick your hand again after reading this.

Read the story here:

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

                I used to force myself to stay up all night because of useless stuff but after this story, I never slept past 12 ever again. The story was told in a historical narrative way which makes it even creepier. It’s started with Russian scientists who kept some patients captive and made them stay up for 15 days using a special gas stimulant that will keep them awake. It was in 1940 so there were no CCTV cameras and the only way they can see the patients is through a hole in the wall. During the first days, things were fine but it all started to get weird as they got to the end of the experiment. Let’s just say that it ended with gore, blood and some pretty creepy revelations.

Read the full story here:

                So there you have it, some really creepy pastas to help you sleep tonight…that is if you can. Good luck with finding that light switch. Pray you won’t touch another hand there when you push that button.

Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night


9 thoughts on “Creepiest Pastas to Keep You Up Late At Night

  1. I don’t know why these stories are affecting our lives, but it’s really obvious that we feel some kind of fear inside us whenever we read stories or watch films and creepy stuffs. Maybe because of its retention in our memory. But fortunately, I am not fund of reading these kinds of things that’s why I seldom feel fear when I’m alone in any dark places or at night.

  2. I really don’t read book or watch horror films for one reason, Im scared.. tee-hee… But someday I’ll try 🙂

  3. Actually natatawa lang ako sa mga kwentong kathang isip lang at boring basahin at nakakatakot isipin, mas gusto ko pa nga basahin yung may kabuluhang kwento. like world history.

  4. Nakaka takot xa lalo na pag sumapit ang gabi……
    Pero mas maganda cguro if mababasa ng madaming tao etong article na toh….na hindi naniniwala sa mga mga ganitong story

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