Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                Let’s face it. No matter who you are or what you do in life, there’s always a chance that you will encounter violence on the street. Whether you’re getting mugged, harassed or just got into a street fight, knowing exactly what to do can get you out of trouble or even save your life.

So, here are some easy self-defense tricks that may come in handy, especially for the ladies:

  1. Don’t just stand there

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                It is hard to keep calm during these kinds of situation but the worst thing you can do is nothing. I know it’s scary but keep in mind that you might actually die if you don’t move. Even if you’re not an athlete or trained in self-defense, you have the capabilities to fight someone off. Use every part of your body to get away but…

  1. Know Your Limits

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

             If your attacker possess a weapon, just do what they want and hand them over your things. Getting stabbed or dying is not worth your iPhone or the cash in your wallet. You must realize that every battle cannot be won and know where you stand. If all they want is money, that’s fine. However, if the attackers want to take you somewhere, make your stand and fight for your life, right now. You stand a better chance of surviving. Statistics show thatyour chances of escaping or being rescued are nonexistent if you go with them. You will probably die or be so messed up you’ll wish you had died and you’d be the headline of the news next morning.

  1. Know the basic pressure points

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                Even if you’re not an athlete or a fighter, if you know the basic pressure points, you have a great chance of hurting your attacker really bad. The pressure points are the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, private parts and the knees. Hitting those targets with great force is sure to incapacitate your attacker.

  1. Always hit first

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                Do not allow your attacker to hit you first because by then you’d have to recover from the attack and they could use that time to hurt you more. No, always attack first and attack hard! If you incapacitate them enough, you can run away.

  1. Keep your arms up

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                If you get into a fist fight, just do what boxers do and keep your arms up and into the defense position. That way, if you managed to block the punch with your arms, it wouldn’t hurt so badly.

  1. To The Kitchen!

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                If you get attacked in your own home, run to the kitchen. There you can use a lot of things to hurt and incapacitate the attacker and the fact that he doesn’t know where you keep the knives and other sharp objects give you a great advantage.

  1. If you get a Bear Hug

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                This is important especially for the ladies. If you get attacked from behind and they try to hold you from behind, drop your weight immediately so it’ll be harder to carry you. Then use your free limbs to hurt the attacker like hitting their head with the back of yours or using your feet to stomp on theirs. If that doesn’t work, pull his fingers back to force him to release you, rotate out of his hold, and attack him with your knees/kicks then you run like hell.

  1. Escaping a Sexual Assault

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                If the attacker’s main goal is to sexually assault you, fighting back is not the answer. Be compliant at first, kind of like playing dead. That way, they’ll lighten their force on you and they’ll think you have given up. When you finally feel that they’ve loosen their grip on you, that’s where you should attack and hurt them where it hurts the most. Don’t stick around to beat them up! Once they’re incapacitated you run and run until you reach a police station or a place where there are lots of people. Report the incident immediately.

  1. Awareness

Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

                The best self-defense is prevention. Always look where you’re going and focus on your environment. Be aware of your surroundings and trust your gut. If you think walking to that area is unsafe, get a cab or call someone to pick you up. Never walk alone at night and if you really have to, let people know where you are. Don’t entertain strangers, ever. Be mindful of your belongings. Best of all, always remember that it’s not safe anywhere so always be ready to defend yourself no matter what.


7 thoughts on “Easy Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

  1. stay sharp.. its safer to bring self-defense weapons like stun-gun or pocket knives. my dad once told me, “if you don’t know how to punch, you better have a pen on your pocket..”

  2. I think the best of all these tips is prevention, because it will always insure your safety from any offenders along the way whether sexual or physical assaults. Always have presence of mind if in case you are involved in an unpleasant scenarios anytime and anywhere. The best thing is to give your best..in fighting, defending and most of all…running away. Good luck and have a try in case!

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