How to Catch a Liar


           The truth is, everybody lies. Whether it’s a white harmless lie or big ones to save yourself from trouble, lying is a part of being human. However, there are a lot of people out there who think they can get away with it all the time. They don’t seem to realize that the truth always prevails in the end and not all people can be fooled with acting and flowery words.

If you want to be liar-proof yourself, then watch out for these signs of being a liar so you can catch one: 

1. Inconsistency

 How to Catch a Liar

Liars weave a lot of stories so more often than not; there will be a lot of inconsistencies in what they’re trying to tell you. The key is to listen very carefully to every detail of what they tell you and then call them out when it changes. Look for loopholes and things that are very unlikely to happen to anyone. Also, look out for excuses. The more they tell you, the more they don’t want you finding out the truth.

2. Body Language

How to Catch a Liar
Pay close attention to someone who you suspect is lying to you, especially their body language. If that person is lying, they might play with their hair or bite their nails while talking to you because they can feel the anxiety. The most obvious is when they put something between you and them while talking. It could be a plate of food, a bag or simply their arms crossing in front of them tells a lot, it means that they are trying to distance themselves from you subconsciously. Many people can fake the tone of voice and even eye contact but body language is pretty much hard to fake. Other body language to look out for include: rapid blinking, dilated pupils, pitch changes, shrugging shoulders, fidgeting, and crossed arms.

3. Watch out for the Killer Smile

How to Catch a Liar
A person’s smile can tell a lot about themselves. A genuine smile is very hard to fake that sometimes even the best actors can’t do it in one take. It takes the entire facial muscle to smile and the eyes must smile as well. If the smile doesn’t seem genuine enough to you, they might be hiding something.

4. Ask Unexpected Questions

How to Catch a Liar
Liars usually rehearse their lies before they tell it, especially to a parent or a significant other. So, to catch them off guard, you must think of a question they don’t have the answer to. Like for example, if the liar tells you that the reason they were late was because of some emergency, ask them the normal questions like what happened, who was involved, etc. Make them feel at ease and make them think that they have the conversation under control. Once you think they filled out all the details, ask something very personal or very detailed that they can only answer if all the things they said were actually true. Also, you might want to try suddenly changing the topic. If the person is lying, they will go along with it but if they’re innocent they will question the sudden topic change and might want to go back to it so they can defend themselves.

5. Pay Attention to Verbal Cues

How to Catch a Liar
Relying on body language only may be a hit or miss so to be sure, you better learn to observe how they answer questions rather than paying attention to the actual answer. For example, if you think that your partner is having an affair, simply ask them out of the blue: “Are you having an affair?” If they answer with a simple “No, I’m not” there’s a big chance that it’s true. However, if they get angry and defensive and answer you with another question like “How could you ask me that?” instead of just answering the question, then there’s a bigger chance of them lying to you, probably for a very long time.

Criticisms: Constructive vs. Destructive

Criticisms: Constructive vs. Destructive


                Everyone’s a critic, right? Criticism is the act of passing severe judgment as to the merits of anything. It is something we all do sometimes even if we don’t notice it. Criticizing something or someone is fairly easy; however, it’s a different story from the perspective of the one being criticized.  There are two types of criticism, one is constructive and the other is destructive. Whether you’re the critic or the one on the receiving end, it’s important to know the difference between the two so you will know how to handle it well.

Constructive Criticism

                Constructive criticism points out faults and includes practical advice on how they can be corrected. The person receiving the criticism is not attacked directly, and has the opportunity to improve. Usually said with a lot of euphemisms, constructive criticism’s aim is to help the person do better next time by telling them what to work on in a nice way and without sounding controlling.

Here is an example of constructive criticisms:

“Your painting looks nice but it will look even nicer if you used brighter colors.”

“Your grades in Mathematics will improve if you consider getting a tutor.”

“Practice keeping your back straight so you wouldn’t look slouchy all the time.”

Criticisms: Constructive vs. Destructive

                The key to giving a constructive criticism is to not patronize the person you’re talking to. Instead, tell them the harsh truth in a way that they wouldn’t take offense. If you tried your best to make it sound less offensive but they still took it badly, it’s not your problem anymore. However, always be careful with how you say it rather than focusing too much on what to say.

                If you received that kind of criticism, always take it positively and use it to improve yourself. Besides, people who use constructive criticism on you are mostly those who care about you the most so you can be sure it’s done with good intentions. Never take it as an attack but rather as a proof of love instead.


Destructive Criticism

                This is the kind we all hate to hear. This just points out faults and directly attacks their owner. It aims to show that the person or object has no worth or validity. No practical advice or consideration is given. This is usually given by those who do not regard the other person’s feelings or just simply insecure about their own thing that bringing down others boosts their egos.

Examples of destructive criticism are:

“You’re wrong.”

“You don’t look good in that dress.”

“You’re so annoying sometimes.”

“You don’t dance well unlike the others.”

 Criticisms: Constructive vs. Destructive

                If you ever find yourself giving this kind of criticism, you might want to ask yourself why you’re doing it or if you say what’s on your mind, will it help your friend or will you just bring them down? Sometimes, our lips move faster than our brains that we forget how offensive we can be. It’s important to tell the criticism to yourself first and see how you’d take it before you say it. Like they say, keep your words sweet just in case you have to eat them.

                Now, if you’re the one receiving this kind of criticism, do not let it get to you. Instead, go out there and prove them wrong. That’s the best revenge for all the destructive critics out there!

                It’s in our nature to make mistakes.  As we go through life we have plenty of opportunity to learn and improve ourselves. Therefore, no matter what kind of criticism is aimed at you, analyze it to find something you can learn from it. And whenever you’re criticizing someone, make sure you’re doing it to help them and not demean them.

Criticisms: Constructive vs. Destructive


Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows


                American television is so filled with reality shows that sometimes it’s seems that it’s all they watch all day. As expected, Philippine television is pretty much on its way there with all the local versions of these reality shows, which they had ‘Filipinonized’ to fit the taste of the masses. Since the 1980s, local networks have been producing and adapting reality shows but it only boomed during the late 90s. Now, it’s all everyone can talk about especially in social media.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

                Gone are the usual talent shows where contestants just come and go when they lose. No, today, it has to have drama and action. They have to film their back stories no matter how lame and turn it into heartwarming ones and sometimes, they come back for a plot twist! But that’s not the thing that got so many people hooked on reality shows. It’s not even the sympathy card that always work with the Filipino masses. According to some experts, it could just be Schadenfreude, a German word used to describe people’s delight and entertainment at the failings and problems of others.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

                Admit it or not, we feel happy that it’s not us being voted out, eating something disgusting in front of millions of viewers or being judged in social networking sites. It’s actually just human nature and we all do it. However, reality shows amplifies it by making humiliation entertaining. The worst part is the contestants are all for it in order to get a break in showbiz. We feel better listening in, criticizing and talking about other people’s lives, whether or not they’re on TV. It says a lot about the kind of society we have and will have in the future.

                Also, how real is reality TV? Remember how the Pinoy Big Brother auditions trended online for being rigged? As if that show is not idiotic enough, some people actually believe that these contestants go through some sort of fair auditions when it’s obvious that they are pre-selected. They arepre-selected to get judged based on their reactions on different situations made by the production team in order to make money off advertisements and whatnot.  It’s like the Hunger Games minus the killing and dying but with all the emotional manipulation included. And the fact that the majority actually like that gives me Goosebumps. Yes, they hire real people instead of actors but everything else in the show is pretty much scripted, otherwise none of the footages they capture would be appropriate for all to see.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

                Reality shows basically just serve our needs to feel like we’re better than other people. It gives the illusion that we’re somehow doing a good job with our own lives and we validate that by watching people who can’t keep it together. It twists our own perception of reality and it may make us more aggressive since they contain more aggression than actual scripted shows and that kind of aggression is what sells it the most! It’s not just nudity that sets the sales booming, controversy and humiliation can do that too nowadays. If you don’t believe me, watch an episode of TV 5’s Face to Face, the country’s version of Jerry Springer. You’d see a lot of profanity and you’d get the most ridiculous stories even a moron would recognize as fake. Still, people watch that for “real time drama”.

Why We Need To Stop Watching Reality Shows

                The media is already distracting us from what is important, we all at least should know better than watching shows that  won’t benefit us in any way. Do the world a favor, drop the remote and read a book instead.

Most Memorable Pinoy TV Commercials of All Time  

Most Memorable Pinoy TV Commercials of All Time  

            Most people hate commercials because it disrupts them from watching their favorite telenovelas. However, there are some commercials who have influenced us greatly and did more than just convince us to buy the product, they made the entire nation talk about it for months and even years.

I present to you the Philippines’ most iconic commercials and the stories behind them:

Tender Juicy’s “Good bye Carlo”

                “Good bye Carlo” became popular for its sweet and humorous story of a chubby little girl who tried to get rid of her love for TJ hotdogs in order to lose weight and impress her crush Carlo (played by a young Patrick Garcia). But in the end, she chose her love for hotdogs and so she writes a goodbye letter to her beloved Carlo while she eats another piece of TJ. It’s a simple yet entertaining commercial that captured the attention of both young and old because it was both relatable and nostalgic. We rarely get these kinds of commercials nowadays.

Sprite’s “I Love You Piolo”

                The commercial that rose Toni Gonzaga to stardom, Sprite’s “I Love You Piolo” hit teenage girls and some moms like a tidal wave. And why wouldn’t it when it stars the heartthrob PioloPascual? Plus, Toni’s funny acting won the audiences as well and up until now, she is still advertising the popular beverage. 

Coca Cola’s “Coke Beat”

                “Gets mo na, gets ko na! Ahhh! Coca Cola!” Everyone in my elementary school knew how to do the Coca-cola beat song and if you didn’t, you’re not one of the cool kids. I cannot tell you how many hours my cousins and I spent perfecting the beat. It was so catchy and popular that it even sparked a local urban legend. It says that one of the girls who appeared in that commercial died on an accident and anyone who does her parts of the beat will die as well. But it didn’t scare us from doing it every recess!

PLDT’s “Suportahan Taka”

                This commercial is a love letter to every child struggling to make their parents proud. A story of a medical student struggling to find the courage to tell his father that he wants to shift to Fine Arts and he does not want to be a doctor like his father wanted him to be. When he finally got the courage to ask, his father unexpectedly replied with “Kung saan ka masaya ti, suportahan taka”. The first time my dad saw this commercial, he teared up a little because it reminded him of his own father. I guess that’s the winning recipe of this commercial, simple yet it tugs on your heart strings even up until now.

McDonald’s “Lolo” aka “Karen Po”

                This is probably the most memorable commercial of my generation. Who could ever forget the “Karen po” dialogue and the heartwarming burger cutting scene? This commercial was highly praised for its very relatable characters. Created by Leo Burnett, this commercial won the Philippines its first ever Gold in a prestigious competition besting other Asian commercials. The best part of this commercial is the love of a grandfather who, despite his failing memory still remembers his favorite granddaughter, Karen.



#Throwback Manila

                Have you ever wondered how Manila looked like thirty or fifty years ago? My father used to say that Tondo wasn’t always the slum-filled area like it is now and the Manila Bay was once the best bay in all of Asia. The old Manila is a mix of different cultures from our Malay ancestors to the Spanish influence, it’s a beautiful city of diversity.

Here are some old pictures of Manila and the stories behind them:

Binondo, Manila in 1800’s

#Throwback Manila

 Binondo is the oldest Chinatown in the world established in 1594. It is located across the Pasig River and is the center of commerce among Filipino and Chinese merchants. Before World War II, Binondo was the center of a banking and financial community which included insurance companies, commercial banks and other financial institutions from the UK and the United States. The place was called the “Wall Street of the Philippines” located along Escolta.

Wash Day at the Pasig River, 1920

#Throwback Manila

  The Pasig River once served as an important means of transport before Manila got overly populated. It was the city’s lifeline and center of economic activity. After World War II, massive pollution invaded the city. Soon, people stopped using the water of the river in the early 1960s, then fishing became prohibited in the 1980s because of its extremely polluted state. It was considered biologically dead in 1990.

University of Sto. Tomas in 1927

#Throwback Manila

                One of UST’s first name is The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines or La Real y Pontificia Universidad de Santo Tomas de Aquino, La Universidad Católica de Filipinas in Spanish which later simplified to University of Sto. Tomas.  It was established in 1611 and located within the walled city of Intramuros. It’s the most earthquake-proof building in Manila.

Araneta Coliseum in 1960

#Throwback Manila

Amado Araneta purchased a 35-hectare land in Cubao, Quezon City on the year 1952. Its construction began in 1957 and it was officially finished in year 1959 by Chinese-Filipino architects and Engineers. Now known as the Smart Araneta Coliseum, it is one of the world’s largest covered coliseum with a 23,000 square meters of floor area. It was publicly opened in the 1960 with the construction budget of Php 6 Million.

Escolta, 1900

#Throwback Manila

 Escolta is one of the oldest streets in Manila. It was created in 1594 with its name derived from the Spanish word ‘escoltar’ which means to escort. The residents of this street were mostly Chinese merchants, that’s why it was lined-up with shops and became the city’s central business district. It hosted then Manila’s tallest building which is the Manila Stock Exchange. However, businesses in the area began to decline in the 1960s as business owners started transferring to Makati.

5 Best Asian Films You Need To Watch

             If you think Hollywood makes the best movies well think again because Asia also has a lot of cinematic gems that will inspire you, scare you and touch your heart.  So have a break from the old Hollywood glam and have some of the best and critically-acclaimed Asian films that you won’t regret watching:

Japan’s Battle Royale

                Think Hunger Games is cruel? You haven’t seen anything yet not until you’ve seen Battle Royale. This is basically where Hunger Games got its plot and it’s seriously gorier and more psychologically damaging. Battle Royale is about a bunch of school students who went on a field trip to hell. They were sent to an island to fight and kill each other until only one survives. Kind of like Physical Education except with knives, guns and rocket launchers and the best student will be the last one alive. This movie is more than just a killing spree bonanza. It also explores human behavior and how much are we willing to do to stay alive.

Korea’s Miracle in Cell No. 7

                Koreans are known for their tear-jerking movies and love stories but nothing can be quite as heartwarming as Miracle in Cell No. 7. It’s the story of a mentally challenged father who was wrongly accused with rape and murder of a little girl. He was then detained in cell no. 7 where the ruthless criminals were. His lovely and smart daughter snuck in to prison to be with him and changed everyone’s lives. Years later, she tried to clear his father’s good name. It’s a story that is sure to make you cry buckets no matter how old you are.

India’s 3 Idiots

                Bollywood has a lot of movies made each year but 3 Idiots is probably one of the most popular of them all. It’s a story of three engineering students and the lessons they learned in life as they study, love and get into trouble. If you’re looking to be inspired to pursue your lifelong dreams, this movie will definitely give you the right motivation. Oh and bring a bucket because it’s also a sob fest!

China’s The Flowers of War 

                War films are often action-packed and full of thrilling scenes but this one is different because it will make you cry and think about the movie for days. It’s a historical war drama film starring Christian Bale who disguises himself as a priest in order to put the women to safety during the infamous Rape of Nanking that took place when Japan invaded China. This movie broke my heart and the fact that the events that have been portrayed in this film are nothing compared to the actual experience of the Chinese in the hands of Japanese soldiers is even more heart-wrenching. Though this movie got a lot of bad reviews for allegedly being ‘historically incorrect’, I say it’s the impact that counts.

The Philippines’ Magnifico

             The story of Magnifico is truly an unforgettable one. This is one of the very few Filipino movies that made my cry so hard I even feel sad every time I remember it. Magnifico is a boy from a poor family whose kind heart and innocence helped his community and his family to be better in life. Jiro Manio’s unparalleled acting skills as Magnifico will definitely drive you to tears as he worked alongside veteran actors. This movie won several awards outside the country because of its sentimental and inspirational content. There are a very few Filipino movies with this much heart and I hope someday we’ll see another Magnifico on the big screen.


Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

Creepiest Pastas to Keep You Up Late At Night

Creepy pasta is what the online world calls a short scary story that will surely make you afraid of the dark. I’ve been reading a lot of creepy pastas over the last few years and I’ve collected a lot of favorites. I must say, even though I know these stories are made up, I can’t help but get goose bumps every time I read them. I guess that’s why they say ghost stories are better off watched than read.

Anyway, here are some of the creepiest pastas I’ve ever read and will definitely keep you up at night:

The NoEnd House

Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

                The story of the NoEnd House is straight out of a crazy psychological film that will make your head hurt if not creep you out so badly you’d be afraid of entering rooms with numbers on them. It all started with an invitation to a game that will earn you an instant $500 if you win. All you have to do is pass through 9 different doors inside the NoEnd House and survive the horrors in each room. Sounds easy enough? Well, if you’re fine with facing scary shadows, a horse-like demon, dismembered bodies and stabbing yourself, I’m sure you’ll do fine. However, don’t expect to get out because this game will never end, hence the name.

Read the story here:


Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

                The story of Slenderman is probably the most popular creepy pasta character ever as it inspired numerous games and internet memes. Slender Man is long limbed faceless creature wearing a tuxedo. He was part of an online horror story contest and emerged the winner. He is said to haunt children in their dreams and abduct them when it’s time. The story was told in a very realistic way, complete with pictures and everything which made it even creepier. That’s not even the scariest part. After Slenderman trended around the internet, a lot of people, mostly adults now have claimed to see the creature when they were children, lurking in the shadows. The weird part is they all have the same descriptions of Slenderman even if they are located in different parts of the world.

Read the story here:

Humans Can Lick Too

Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

                People with dogs can relate very well to this scary tale. The story tells of a girl who was left alone in a house. The only companion she has is her pet dog who likes hiding under her bed. It comforts her by licking her hand whenever she feels scared. I won’t spoil the rest of the story but let’s just say you won’t be allowing your dogs to lick your hand again after reading this.

Read the story here:

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night

                I used to force myself to stay up all night because of useless stuff but after this story, I never slept past 12 ever again. The story was told in a historical narrative way which makes it even creepier. It’s started with Russian scientists who kept some patients captive and made them stay up for 15 days using a special gas stimulant that will keep them awake. It was in 1940 so there were no CCTV cameras and the only way they can see the patients is through a hole in the wall. During the first days, things were fine but it all started to get weird as they got to the end of the experiment. Let’s just say that it ended with gore, blood and some pretty creepy revelations.

Read the full story here:

                So there you have it, some really creepy pastas to help you sleep tonight…that is if you can. Good luck with finding that light switch. Pray you won’t touch another hand there when you push that button.

Creepiest Pastas toKeep You Up Late At Night