The Commuter Commandments

                I’ve been a commuter for years and as such I have experienced a lot of unpleasant things simply because most commuters forget what it is to be a considerate human being. So to slightly remedy that if not put a stop to it completely, here are some commuter commandments that we all should live by:

  • Thou Shall Be QuietThe Commuter Commandments

 Whether you’re chatting with your friends or talking on your cell phones, it’s important to be quiet whenever you’re in a public transport whether it is a bus, a jeepney or the train, etc. It might be fun for you to laugh and talk like no one’s listening but it’s so annoying for the rest of us who just wants to get from point A to point B without punching someone on the throat

  • Thou Shall Move When Told to Freaking MoveThe Commuter Commandments

 This is a major problem whenever I ride the bus to work, especially during the rush hour. People closest to the door just won’t move the hell out to the back of the bus. I don’t know why it is so important to stay there when they’re not even about to get off the bus. When the ticket guy tells you to move, move it so other passengers can get a chance to ride! Don’t be selfish.

  • Thou Shall Not Expel Nauseous GasThe Commuter Commandments

 Have you ever experienced sitting or standing close to someone and then they just fart? I did and it was the most horrible 60 seconds of my life. Imagine being in a cramped space with more than 50 people and then someone just casually lets out gas. I really thought I was going to die at that moment and I am not even exaggerating. The worst part is the perpetrator wouldn’t even apologize. I know sometimes it’s hard to hold it in but for the sake of everyone inside the air-conditioned  bus, please for the love of God do not kill us all.

  • Thou Shall Not Hog The SeatThe Commuter Commandments

 If you’re a guy and you insist on sitting with your legs widespread like there are giant dragon eggs between your legs, you should be thrown off the bus. Okay, let’s say you do need some space in that area but come on! Why would you take most of the seat when your seatmate paid for it, too? That’s just rude. If you want to sit like the freaking king of England, then go ride a taxi!

  • Thou Shall Offer Your Seat To the Elderly, Pregnant Women and PWD sThe Commuter Commandments

 I can’t believe I had to put this as a commandment when it should just be common sense. Most guys don’t feel too compelled to give up their seats for the ladies. Fine, we understand. But please for the love of all things bright and beautiful; offer your seats to the elderly, pregnant women and persons with disabilities! It’s not even an option, that’s human decency we’re talking about. I know we’re all tired from commuting and the traffic but giving up your seat for these people and hearing them say ‘Thank you’ will wipe off your exhaustion away.

                So there you go, the five commandments for every commuter. If we all follow these commandments, none of us would feel cranky even on Monday mornings! Happy trip!


7 thoughts on “The Commuter Commandments

  1. Oh my god! I have experienced all that. I witness every day what the commuters doing inside the jeepney o sa fx hahaha! I get annoyed kapag napagitnaan ako ng 2 natutulog na pasahero, at dahil tulog nga,ang bibigat nila. Badtrip diba? Mas worse yung mga lalaking kung maupo e pang dalawahan ang sakop!! Grrr!

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