Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

                Do you remember the last dream you have had? What about your last nightmare? Of course you do. Nightmares are definitely easier to remember since they can leave a mark on a person. I still remember the most terrifying nightmare I’ve had when I was a kid and I still feel scared whenever I think about it. Experts say that our dreams are just our subconscious doing its magic and the symbols we see inside our dreams are actually messages from our selves, manifesting in dreams. These are the things we often worry about or refuse to realize. Decoding these symbols will help you figure out what’s really bothering you in your waking life and what you should do about it. The same thing goes with our nightmares.

Here are the most common nightmares we probably all have had and what they’re trying to tell us:

Being Chased

     Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

                Almost everyone probably had this kind of nightmare. Whether you’re being chased by a monster, a ghost or a serial killer, this kind of nightmare just wakes you up panting and catching your breath. But what does this mean in our waking life? According to psychologists, being chased in a dream means you’re feeling helpless in real life. There must be something that’s chasing you like an old family issue, a feud with a co-worker or anything that you don’t want to face head on so you run away from it. Your nightmare is basically telling you to stop running away from your problems.

Teeth Falling Out

Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

                In our culture, when you dream that your teeth is falling out you must bite onto a tree bark or else, someone you love will die. But in a scientific point of view, the teeth nightmare is actually associated to repress feelings of neglect. Since the teeth are inside our mouths, it may signify that you feel ignored and unheard in your waking life. Also, you might be feeling the need to express yourself more but something is holding you back.

The End of the World

Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

                This nightmare is one of the most terrifying because you can really feel the fear building up inside you and personally, whenever I have this nightmare I always wake up crying because I thought my family is gone forever. This nightmare may symbolize unexpressed emotions or fears that we haven’t related to anyone in our waking life. If the end of the world came in a form of a giant tidal wave, that could be your emotional problem in your waking life, acting up. Water always symbolizes emotions. Seeing a tornado in your end of the world nightmare means that you are about to go through a big transformation in your life that you’re scared or anxious to face. Kind of like a plot twist that you know is about to happen but aren’t ready for it yet.


Being Trapped

Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

                Being trapped in your nightmare is common to people who are claustrophobic or scared of small spaces. However, if you’re not claustrophobic and dreamed of being trapped, you could be feeling the same way in your waking life in a not so literal sense. This nightmare may tell you that you are feeling trapped inside a relationship, a job you hate or under the authority of your parents. It could also mean that you are feeling unsatisfied with your current position in life and that you’re not reaching your full potential.


Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

                Death is probably one of those nightmares I never want to have again, ever. When I was a kid I thought it means that the person who died in my dream will die in real life so I was a bit worried. If you dreamed that someone you love has died, it could mean that there’s a part of your personality that you need to kill. It could even be a characteristic of the person who died in your dream that you want to emulate. It could also be a bad habit or a doomed relationship that you need to kill. Either way, having the death dream is actually more sad than scary. That’s what terrifies me the most.



18 thoughts on “Most Common Nightmares and What They Mean

  1. Nakakaloka yung mga panaginip na iyan, dahil kapag ako stress tapos matutulog ay for sure nananaginip ako ng hindi maganda, one time nga may napaginipan ako na nakita koyung sarili ko sa ataol sobrang natakot ako pag gising ko dahil hindi ko alam kung anong ibig sabihin ng ganung panaginip……. but ganun talaga hindi maiiwasan sa buhay na managinip lalo na kapag sa love hehe… thanks sa article 🙂

  2. Ano naman ibig sabihin pag ang panaginip mo ay isa kang leader ng isang military group with very special skills tapos nakikipaglaban kayo sa masama. 🙂

  3. I don’t know what a nightmare actually is. I’ve had dreams all my life, but I wouldn’t call any of them nightmares. Some are just completely none sense, a kind of dream that when you wake up, makes you say WTF was that all about! And there are dreams that are so disturbing,they stay with me for days on end as if it is something that actually happened, when I know it didn’t.

  4. I seldom experience those kind of dreams and I don’t want to experience one. I try to relax before going to bed and I eat just a good amount of dinner so that my sleep will be okay. Sometimes bad dreams are brought about by bad emotions before sleeping.

  5. Lagi ako nanaginip na Lumilipad ako, tapos maraming tao sa paligid ko and laging may super powers sa panaginip 🙂 .. hehehe Ano po ang meaning nun?

    • To dream that you are a superhero represents your above-average talents, ideas, and other hidden abilities that you may not realize you possessed. Alternatively, the dream parallels some extraordinary problem or issue that you are trying to deal with in your waking life. You need to approach the issue head on.

  6. d ko pa naranasan ang managinip ng mga masasamang panaginip. ang palagi ko lng napapanagipan ay yung mga mahal ko s buhay at mga masasayang bagay lang. tapos pag gising ko sa umaga sasabihin ko na lang thanks lord for another day you gave me.

    • To dream of love or being in love suggests intense feelings carried over from a waking relationship. It refers to your contentment with what you already have and where you are in life. On the other hand, the dream may be compensatory and implies that you may not be getting enough love in your life. We naturally long for the sense to belong and to be accepted.

  7. I just can’t understand why I can control my dreams entirely but difficult in nightmares. For example, the chase, I’m always having a nightmare that my dad is always chasing me. He can’t lay his fingers on me because I never run out of ideas to escape but he’s still there, never giving up chasing me. Nightmares are really hard to understand. maybe this blog of yours can help me manipulate my nightmare..

  8. narasan kong managinip ng masama nung may napabalita na may bampirang gumagala sa aming lugar…palagi ko yung iniisip kaya napapaginipan ko…

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