How to Use Google Effectively


                Almost everyone knows what Google is and how to use it but  very few actually know how to use it effectively. The biggest search engine in the entire world actually has a lot of awesome features that you can use to search quicker with accurate results if you just know which buttons to click.

Here are some Google tips and tricks for a more effective search:

  • How To Google It


–          If you’re looking for an article inside a specific site, you don’t have to open the entire website and search there. Google can lead you straight to the article you want within the website. Just type “site:” and then type the name of the article or page you want to see. For example, you want to see if Wikipedia has an article about Philippine History, just type site: Wikipedia “Philippine History” and it will lead you directly to the page you want if it exists on the site. Putting “ ” on your keyword will command Google to search for the exact phrase that includes that word.

–          Use the symbol ( – ) if you want a phrase or a word omitted from the search. For example, you’re searching for Philippine History but didn’t want to include the Japanese occupation, just type site: “Philippine History” –japanese occupation and Google will give you results that include Philippine History that does not contain any information about the Japanese occupation.

–          Using the symbol (..) will help you filter a search within a time range. For example, “Philippine History” 1950..1990 Google will then show you articles about Philippine History and events that happened between 1950 and 1990.

–          If you are looking for something specific, for example an article in a certain file format just type filetype:pdf Philippine history and Google will give you articles written in pdf format.


–          If you’re looking for a book, just type in author:John Green the fault in our stars and Google will give you websites that contain the author’s information and other related articles.


  • Quick Searches


o   Definition

                –There’s no need to go to an online dictionary to find out a word’s meaning. Just type in definition: and the word you want to search for. e.g. definition:research


For quick math problems, you don’t have to open you calculator application. Just type the equation in the search bar using these mathematical symbols (+,-,* and /) and parentheses for basic functions. For example: (7*9)/77+9-9

  •  Unit conversions

Enter any conversion, e.g. 100 pesos in dollars and Google will convert  it for you. No need to look for converter apps.

  • If you’re in a hurry


–          Don’t worry about the spelling. Google automatically spell checks your query and searches for it using the correct spelling.

–          Don’t worry so much about capitalization. Searching for “Philippine Daily Inquirer” is the same as “philippine daily inquirer”.

–          Don’t waste time with punctuations. Google does not include that in your search. Don’t use these symbols: ?!,.%^*()[]\,in your search and save time.

–          For quick weather reports, Search weather to see the weather in your location or add a city name after weather to find weather for a certain place. e.g. weather metro manila

By using these neat tricks, your Google experience will be a lot easier and quicker with better results. Happy Googling!


14 thoughts on “How to Use Google Effectively

  1. Google is very helpful for all the people who wanted to know all the things, event etc……… to easy to find it.

  2. thank you you for the tips. i would like to try this later. i have lots of things to find in the internet for my research and i think this blog will help me a lot~ my dad told me there was a calculator in the google. i thought it was an app or something until i tried it just now. hehe~

  3. I think every student must see this blog so they will know how to use google properly not by copy-paste 😀

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