CHECKLIST: What Makes a Good Leader?


                The 2016 Presidential Election is not for another 2 years but if the aspiring candidates are getting ready to woo the masses, we must get ready too. After all, the fate of this country lies in our hands and if we’re smart and knowledgeable enough, we might just pick the right person for presidency. So, before you pick a candidate make sure that he or she has all these qualities of a good political leader:


                As cliche as that sounds, honesty will always be the top quality of a good leader. Given the country’s current state and the major political controversies we hear on the news every day, it’s getting difficult to trust politicians. But we have to when 2016 comes, so make sure you’re going to pick the most honest out of the bunch by looking at their profiles, achievements, failures and other relevant information.

                     People Builder

                                Good leaders work hard for the development of each member of their team. They share their knowledge and wisdom and they never leave the weak ones behind. Instead, they push them towards their goals. They don’t lead by telling people what they have to do. Instead, good leaders do it with them and guide them through the process.

                     A Visionary  

                                If your candidate’s platform doesn’t seem so clear to you, it is most likely to be unrealistic or impossible to achieve. Good leaders always have a clear vision of their goals and what they want for their people. They work towards a goal that is bigger than themselves and that’s why they are always able to achieve it no matter what.


                                You know a leader is capable of running a country if they encourage people to be accountable for their own actions. They do not favor their friends, relatives or former classmates over the truth. Leaders do not side with anyone and remain neutral until the issue is resolved.

                     Doesn’t Insult Others To Look Good


                We often see politicians bicker at each other in public. They usually put down other politicians, calling them names and creating scandals just to make themselves look good. Good leaders do the opposite. They make their work speak for them and they do not need to put others down to seem favorable. Seriously, if the candidate you’re betting on does nothing but blame and point fingers at his opponents, that’s a clear cut sign that he does not deserve your vote. Also, it makes them look uneducated and unprofessional.

                     Get Things Done

                Good leaders do not talk about doing things, they get things done instead. Browse carefully through your candidate’s resume and see for yourself if they’ve done enough and also if they can do more. Pick a leader who’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done and who doesn’t take too much time to finish anything. A leader always knows what his people need and how to get it.

                     Open-minded and Risk Taker


                                Pick a leader who’s not afraid to try new things and who’s ready to embrace change. We all know that our country is pretty traditional but if we do not renounce the old and never get in with the new, we might jeopardize our own progress. Good leaders recognize this problem easily and address them with the utmost respect. They are also risk takers and willing to take chances for the good of the many.

                     Passion for Service


                                Perhaps the greatest quality that a political leader must possess is an enormous passion for public service. A leader with a sole purpose of helping his fellow people and lead them to greatness and prosperity. Someone with a heart for the weak and does not pity them but pushes them forward instead. If your candidate possesses this trait, it will totally reflect on the kind of people he had served, so look into that too.


17 thoughts on “CHECKLIST: What Makes a Good Leader?

  1. Passion for service is the most important of all in the list because it carries those qualities mentioned above. Leadership is service! Leading is going with your group, planning with your group, working with your group and celebrating with your group.

  2. para skin para maging isa kang magaling n leader dapat marunong kang unawain ang mga taong hnahawakan mo tulad s trabaho. dapat hindi k din masyado strikto. kc ganon ako s mga tao ko.

  3. I guess those qualities are perfect for a good leader. Passion and honesty I think is the most important for me.
    I can’t imagine that we could have that perfect leader in our country! Well, I am hoping for the right one to come..

  4. I will Answer Directly!

    Ang pagiging tunay na tao ay hindi nakikita sa panlabas na kaanyuhan, kundi nararamdaman ito sa panloob na kaanyuhan na may tunay na Isip, Salita at Gawa na siyang magpapatunay at magpapamalas sa lahat ng taong nabubuhay na ikaw o tao ay marumong matakot sa diyos at lumingon sa tamang pinanggalingan. tayo lahat ay Leader kung gagamitin natin ang puso at talino.


    Mas Prefere Ako Sa Ganitong Pamama Lakad,
    Ng Pamumuno Patas , Maayos At Higit Sa Lahat
    May Puso, Ginagawa Nya Ng Maayos Ang Kanyang Pag Serbisyo Sa Bayan Ng May Patas Na pAg Tingin Kahit NA IKaw MAn Ay Mahirap o Mayaman,,

  6. Pagkakaroon ng Diyos sa puso. Kapag nasa puso ng isang tao ang Diyos, never niyang maiisip ang gumawa ng hindi maganda lalo na sa kapwa niya.
    Diyos na mismo ang magtuturo sa kanya kung paano maging isang tunay na leader.
    Tandaan: Mababalewala lahat ng pinaghirapan natin kung walang Diyos sa puso natin.

  7. Let’s all pray for our country to have good leaders,responsible, hardworking and with a kind heart. Let us all be united to have common goals for the Philippines, wherein Peace and love will be surrounded in our country.

  8. Dapat iniuna yung mnga Taong nasasakupan hinde ang pansarili lamang..! wag maging SAkim oh gahaman sa Kapang yarihan Isipin muna ang Maapektuhan….

  9. My opinion about the good leader, candidate for 2016 election I have the option but I don’t know if somebody agree with me Marcos & Duterte. The good leader comes into the 2 person. Give your full support and vote for them. The 2 leader are so much silence in comes helping the poor, communities, organization, farmers, and etc. if you trying to conduct the information about Marcos & Duterte “OUR COUNTRY SHALL BE GREAT AGAIN”.

  10. Sana sa susunod na mahahalal na presidente, may ugaling ganyan.. para naman hindi na ganto ka corrupt ang Bansa natin, at sana iisipin din ang kapakanan ng bansa natin.

  11. A good leader is also a good follower. You can’t be the leader all the time you must know how to be a follower so that if you will be the leader you know the feeling of being a follower.

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