Pinoy Henyo: Amazing Filipino Inventions

                Our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal once said: “Genius knows no country”. He is a genius himself and he is a firm believer that Filipinos are capable of achieving great things. We have so many talented geniuses in the country but the sad truth is most of us can’t even name them because they’re not being promoted like celebrities and other TV personalities even though they should be. However, despite being deprived of support from the government, our Filipino geniuses did not stop creating and inventing new things to improve the lives of the many.

Here are some of the most amazing inventions made by our very own Filipino inventors:

The Karaoke – It’s not a surprise to know that a Filipino invented this since most of us are musically inclined. Invented in 1975 by Roberto Del Rosario, this sing-along machine became very popular across Asia. In the Philippines, we call it Minus One. His first prototype includes a microphone and an amplifier that enables the singer to change the pitch, echo, etc. But why did it become known as Karaoke you may ask? That is because a similar machine was invented by a Japanese man named Daisuke Inoue and became popular in Japan and then, the rest of the world.

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The Moon Buggy – In case you don’t already know, the world famous Moon Buggy, used in the Apollo 12 explorations was invented by a Filipino named Eduardo San Juan in 1971. He’s a NASA mechanical engineer and was the leader of the team that worked on the Moon Buggy or the Lunar Rover. Impressive isn’t it? But that’s not all. San Juan is also the designer for the Articulated Wheel System prior to the Apollo Program and worked on the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). He was nicknamed The Space Junkman of NASA.


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The Video Phone – In this social media era, one cannot go without taking pictures, making videos or “skyping” with their smart phones. Many kids believe that Steve Jobs is responsible for that but actually; it’s all thanks to a Filipino inventor named Gregorio Zara that we have that kind of technology. He’s a Filipino physicist and engineer who graduated BS Mechanical Engineering in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. In 1955, he invented the two-way television telephone or videophone patented as a “photo phone signal separator network. Other than he also patented 30 other significant inventions and also excelled in the field of physics.

The Medical Incubator- The development of the medical incubator saved a lot of babies and it’s still being used to prevent diseases from harming newborns. The inventor of this jaundice relieving device is a Filipino doctor named Fe Del Mundo. She was the first woman ever to be accepted in the Harvard School of Medicine and has been a prominent pediatrician since then. After the invention of the Medical Incubator, she also devised an incubator made out of bamboo for rural areas without electricity. Dr. Del Mundo then continued on her practice very well into her 90’s. She’s also the founder of The Children’s Medical Center in 1957 which is located in Quezon City. She died on August 2011 with the title National Scientist of the Philippines.

Computer Microchips – If it weren’t for the many chips invented by Diosdado‘Dado’ Banatao, you would be seeing a bunch of ones and zeroes on your screens right now. Banatao is the inventor of the world’s first 16-bit chip in 1972, which he invented while working at Commodore. His invention led to the development of GUI or the Graphical User Interface that allows us to see images on our computers. He is considered to be the Filipino Bill Gates because of his achievements in Modern Technology.


13 thoughts on “Pinoy Henyo: Amazing Filipino Inventions

  1. Sa bawat taong nabubuhay dito sa lupang ibabaw ay nakakagawa ng isang bagay na hindi napapansin ng karamihan, come to think of it? lahat tayo ay henyo ngunit maraming bagay bagay na hindi pinapansin ng karamihan,,,, make it easy share your knowledge and enhance what you have. ma discover man o hindi.

  2. Great Article … Magagaling talaga ang mga kalahi natin .. hindi lang talaga ito naapreciate ng gobyerno natin … kaya yung ibang bansa ang nakikinabang ng mga invention ng mga kapwa nating pilipino.

    • We’re still way behind in terms of government support and spending for R&D, S&T and the engineering field. You’re perfectly right, the Government must take a lead role in order to establish a condition, a society where the best and the brightest of our scientists, engineers and inventors can well emerge and subsequently contribute to our progress and development.

  3. No doubt about this..Filipinos are genius, but the problem is that the government does not fully recognize the efforts and support those genius minds, that’s why other countries who recognizes and supports those kind of people benefits from their inventions and ideas.

  4. At first, I thought the Video Phone is a vintage cash register. anyways, Its amazing how Filipino minds contribute to the technology and the greatest success of mankind~ Filipinos really are genius~

  5. Filipinos are great in inventing things but sad to say the government won’t take time to see the inventions of the filipinos 😦

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