#YESALLWOMEN: Misogyny and Murder


                The violent mass killing that happened in Isla Vista, California USA is disturbing enough but the reason behind it is even more terrifying. Six people were murdered and thirteen others were injured when Elliot Rodgers, 22, a student of the University of California Santa Barbara went on a shooting spree. In his manifesto and the equally disturbing video he posted on Youtube the night before the shooting happened, Rodgers ranted for nearly seven minutes against women who he said rejected him and popular kids who ignored him. Rodger stabbed his roommates, ran over some bicyclist and skateboarders on the street, shot at an innocent customer at a deli store and shot three college girls outside their sorority house just because he couldn’t get a girlfriend. Two of them are dead.

“You girls have never been attracted to me. I don’t know why you girls aren’t attracted to me, but I will punish you all for it. It’s an injustice, a crime, because … I don’t know what you don’t see in me. I’m the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman.” – Rodgers said in the last video he posted on Youtube. His manifesto obtained by CNN is just as terrifying. It also contains reasons why he hates all women and that he respects any man who can get a girlfriend so easily like his father.

Apparently, Rodgers saw women as objects that he is entitled to have. For him, a woman does not have the right to say ‘no’ to men. They exist to be his girlfriend. Women are just companions, lovers and friends who have to do whatever the supreme gentleman says. This is misogyny in its purest form and what’s worse is there are actually some people (mostly men) who are supporting Rodgers saying that “this is what women get when they friendzone nice guys” and that “they deserve it”.

This gave birth to the trending #YesAllWomen to raise awareness that this mass shooting isn’t the only incident of misogynistic murder around the world and ALL WOMEN have experienced being harassed at some point in her lifetime. In fact, according to the statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the USA, there are more women who got killed by men; their husbands or their boyfriends than there are soldiers who got killed in the war in Iraq (Figures from 2011-2012 only) .


To provide even more proof that this is happening around the world, a tumblr website called WhereWomen Refuse.tumblr.com collects all the stories of abused women around the world. And it’s shocking to know that there are a lot of cases involving women getting murdered for saying ‘no’ to a guy at a party, women who get beaten up by complete strangers simply because they did not flirt back and women getting killed by their own husbands or boyfriends for refusing sex. It’s horrible, it’s happening, it’s real and very few people are doing something about it.

And yet people still ask why we need feminism?

This issue here isn’t about the male agenda or guns; this is about women continually fighting for their right to be safe. This is about women having to carry pepper sprays in their purses everyday in case they get attacked.This is about women who have texted each other if they got home safe. This is about women who are afraid to wear short shorts or sleeveless blouses so men won’t say that ‘they’re asking for it. This is about women portrayed by the media as damsels in distress, as prizes and as objects of sexual gratification. This is about teaching your girls not to get raped instead of teaching your boys not to rape. This is about a war against women that has been going on for ages and still, there is not enough being done about it.

May this shooting spree open all of our eyes to what’s really happening around us. Let’s not turn a blind eye to those who are oppressed by this patriarchal society that shaped our morals and beliefs. As long as you are thinking that some people are superior to others because of their gender, race or ability, then you are thinking just like the killer and you are part of what is wrong in this world. The fight for equality should be everyone’s battle.


11 thoughts on “#YESALLWOMEN: Misogyny and Murder

  1. yes, it is true that girls sometimes are insensitive and inconsiderate but you can’t blame us for being like that. does that mean that we should follow what men wants us to do because they’re men?

  2. Those guys are sick! How can they easily kill women, just by refusing to have sex with them! that’s injustice! They must be jailed and be sentenced with death penalty. Men must respect women and so women can respect men.

  3. Men and women are equal in rights. Men shall not think that women are inferior than men. We live in the same world, breath the same air, enjoy the same sun,moon and stars and rain. We only differ in gender. Let’s treat each other fairly.

  4. What a twisted sick narcisstic human being. He didn’t even look ugly…. I bet they rejected him because they noticed what a psychotic spoiled brat he is. They sensed the danger coming from him. In the end he got what he deserved and I feel sorry for the victims and their families

  5. I will answer direct to the point.

    All the people in this world we need to respect as a human being,
    women,homosexual,man all of us is the same as a human being to have right and to respect as a created of god, because i believe that if you cannot give malice in other person, hindi nila bibigyan ng kahulugan! ! ! maski sino ka man you know to your self ang tama at mali at kung paano ka lumaking may respeto at takot sa diyos.

  6. Hindi naten kailangan magpakatanga, magpaka bobo at magpaloko sa lahat ng bagay na alam natin sa sarili na hindi tama kung gagawa ka ng ikasasama, tama ka diyan Monching Gonzales, matuto tayong mag hintay sa tamang panahon at respetuhin ang bawat bagay at taong nakakasalamuha mo, mahalin muna ang sarili bago ang ibang tao. hindi nakikita sa kung ano man ang kasarian ng isang tao upang damayan at maging tama sa lahat ng bagay, bagkus lahat tayo na nabubuhay dito sa lupang ibabaw ay pare parehas binigyan ng diyos ng lakas,respeto at pagmamahal sa sarili at kapwa,, nasa tao ang gawa nasa diyos ang awa…. hanggang ngayon maraming nabibiktima ng abuses mapa lalaki,third sex, babae. dahil sila din ang gumawa ng paraan kung paano sila masaktan. make it simple Study first at and get your goal…… mamili ng kakaibiganin guys.

  7. WOT??? just a girl who refuses to be 1’s gf sud be murdered??? absolutely rubbish.. rather they should b hanged even for their cheap thinking… 😡
    btw nyc awareness 😉

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